Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Bonus | Mark Hoverson | 8 Done For You Bonuses

8 Done for you bonuses at irresistibleinfomarketingblueprintx.com Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Bonus #1 Done for you Irresistible Nerve Center Website 2 set up choices: From opt in, to launch, to sale and download area, or a total info-marketing launch sequence that split tests 50 versions of each page in the launch sequence to get the most bang out of your traffic buck. Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Bonus #2: Done for you Irresistible Traffic SEO using my SEO Traffic Blueprint that uses video and article marketing on such a large scale I would be shocked if you did not start getting enough traffic to get started. -Just have me plug in some of the content that you create in Mark Hoverson’s Iformation Marketing course. Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Bonus #3: Done with you Information Keyword Research: We will get on skype and I will work to find you an amazing keyword and let you view my screen so you can do it yourself next time. Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Bonus #4: ” Irresistible Rockstar Traffic blueprint” The one page blueprint that will show you how to use thousands of dollars of technology in a race against time to set up the ultimate traffic rush. Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Bonus #5: Done for you real YouTube views by real people Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Bonus #6: Done for you REAL niche specific youtube friends (at least 100) Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Bonus #7: A membership site where you can

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  1. sponsoringrockstar says:

    @BrionGoulet3028 I will lose all my commissions if you complain. We all want to make money here!

  2. sponsoringrockstar says:

    @LouisCochrane5824 oh, this is real. I must admit, I am getting a bigger response than usual, and some of the service can only be done one at a time. First come first served, the good news, is different people complete the CONTENT that we will be marketing at different times. I have never had a problem yet of too many people asking for each service at the same time.

  3. sponsoringrockstar says:

    @AbramDouglass1625 yes, become a member for free and ask the other members 🙂 just click the link below the video

  4. sponsoringrockstar says:

    @PeregrineWellman3502 😉

  5. sponsoringrockstar says:

    @BenedictBays5016 yes, get into contact with me.

  6. sponsoringrockstar says:

    @BruceGriswold2178 you can find examples at my site, just opt in, and you will get to see video examples. My site is built on optimize press.

  7. sponsoringrockstar says:

    @DuaneByrnes5761 you will see that in the members area, just go to my site for free access

  8. sponsoringrockstar says:

    @SamuelWiley2234 sure. I am willing to negotiate optional bonuses. I am here to please!

  9. sponsoringrockstar says:

    @JarredBoling2090 yes, I am not sure if a payment plan will be offered, but it will simply mean you have to wait longer to get your bonus that I will release when you finish all the payments

  10. sponsoringrockstar says:

    @EdgarCastle5294 I know, right! Looking forward to the possibility of working together!

  11. sponsoringrockstar says:

    @BryceKenny5623 lol, I know it sounds that way, but this is different. I am simply showing you exactly how I go do each of the done for you bonuses, that way you can do it yourself next time, if you so choose.

  12. sponsoringrockstar says:

    @QuintenSawyers2503 I explain everything and show my computer screen doing the work in the members area that you can access for free at my site. click the link below the video

  13. sponsoringrockstar says:

    @KristopherBenner2834 thanks!

  14. sponsoringrockstar says:

    @ClementMatheson9788 one is customized to look pretty and does a pretty good job of the whole process of opt in, to launch sequence (similar to Hoverson’s sequence of a new video available every few days during prelaunch, and then a place to deliver the content.) The other site is made specifically for doing launches (no membership area) and it focuses on getting the maximum number of people through the sales funnel by split testing automatically. opt in to my site for examples

  15. sponsoringrockstar says:

    @EdwardBuckner2291 yes, I use wordpress to create the sites, and I purchase a premium theme that I customize and then give you. It will need to be hosted on a site that has cPanel. Please get into contact with me for more information about hosting etc.

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