Irrelevance Of Wealth Inequality/Minimalism And ALL One REALLY Needs

Topics: Why wealth inequality should be a NON issue How poverty and EXTREME poverty is/was actually the norm in our history How the “1%” is actual nonsense as most are/will be in the 1% …

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  1. Stuart Jones says:

    Here’s a tip to save money…… Don’t spend it on a woman or trying to
    impress a woman 😀 

  2. The Straight Shooter says:

    Oh, I forgot Khan Academy DOT org. You can learn damn near anything on
    there for free!!!

  3. TruthOverEverything says:
  4. ThatSmartHotGuy says:

    I’ve said this many times (although I probably haven’t brought it up often
    enough in my videos) I will never stop being amazed by the fact that
    grocery stores exist. That I can go into a store and buy pretty much any
    food I could want, whenever I want. Or that I have a machine in my pocket
    which I can type a question into and immediately get an answer. People
    literally have magic mirrors on their desks and in their pockets now. This
    shit was science fiction just a few decades ago. We live in such an amazing
    time, yet so many people never fail to find incredibly petty bullshit to
    whine about. So many people seriously lack perspective.

  5. Thinking-Ape says:

    You are Canadian, yes?

  6. Inquisitive Chimp says:

    Wow! What a video!
    It’s so true! Quit the whining folks and realize we are already rich (in
    historical terms).
    Apart from historical affluence, if you follow a mgtow lifestyle then
    you’re a step ahead of the game (both in terms of saving money in the
    present, but also in terms of protecting any assets from future loss). Plus
    your mind can focus on important things and development, not be scattered
    and interrupted by relationship-related trivia.

    Transportation, communication, and information: this is great – effective
    minimalism. And if you make the transportation a van-type vehicle, then you
    even have free accomodation whenever you travel. We are living in great
    times. Go out there and grab life by the balls! No excuses! Do it!

  7. Deadly says:

    I like how Elon Musk was your first mention, would probably be mine too.

  8. Peteruspl says:

    Don’t get boxed in. Especially young people should avoid it.
    Flexibility is the best card in a hand of most young adults (except for
    some geniuses, exceptional sportsmen etc that already hold an ace). You’re
    in a good position if you’re developing useful skills, assets, knowledge –
    if you’re not than it’s time to move on. It did a lot of good to me. I’ve
    done a serious degree (masters in architecture), worked a year in that
    field, swapped to freelance 3d graphics. That’s not an opportunity for
    everyone as I had already a step up from previous field and I spend money
    in cheap Poland while earning it mostly from richest countries. But
    everybody has SOME opportunities. Anyway, I need about 2hrs a day of work
    to pay the bills anything more gets banked, I’m taking about 3 months
    vacations a year and traveling. Next year probably taking this shop on the
    road in a minivan going to Asia. Maybe you don’t care for travel and would
    rather have larger apartment, maybe you have taste for expensive vices or
    want to make cash fast and than start some business? Well, the goals are
    yours but your best card is flexibility. If you trade it for a job that
    doesn’t give you any skill except for experience in that job and drains you
    up so you stop any other development it’s most likely a very raw deal
    (unless money is really so stellar, that if you dump it you’re stocked with
    cash and can catch up). If you trade it for a debt and spend the money on
    higher living standard in the moment, or a worthless degree – well that’s
    like throwing it away, have nice time playing poker with low cards only. If
    you trade it for a child… why not wait till 30? You’d probably have at
    least 2 in-demand skills up to professional level, serious experience and a
    lot of other assets by that time. If you trade it for a woman than you’re
    just hopeless, slaves and devauts sacrifice like this – partners don’t
    hobble each other but support each other (be flexible together or be gone).

  9. Effemm Dee says:

    Drop the hammer on these motherfuckers. It’s time to start introducing them
    to the Mises in-crowd.

  10. NoNoNo says:

    I dunno man, $15/hr is pretty optimistic for unskilled labor. And what
    about people who have debt?

  11. F'Realdoh Mohammed says:

    The internet is actually the first real manifestation of God. Every truth
    is here, along with every lie. We are at the Zenith of human
    evolution…unless something better happens next week. I cannot imagine
    not having Google there to inform me. But I think that is the plan of some
    people. I don’t believe Anonymous is really what people think it is.
    Since Anonymous exists, people like me don’t have to try to do anything,
    because all these other people are already fighting my fight for me. I
    would like to see something Anonymous has done besides a few hours of DDOS.

  12. mick21778 says:

    Good vid you are more than correct about being born in the first world.
    Marketing for shit you don’t need relies on suppressing this notion
    greatly. Although I suspect pure determination is all anybody needs is a
    bit of a rose tint. However born to the first world, if you can keep your
    head straight, ain’t such a bad deal in light of what could be, very very

  13. Tiberius the Great says:

    Man I had $800 in my bank account when I quit my job; now I’m
    self-sustainable financially

  14. bee gizzle says:

    watch shows like Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den. you will learn how the
    wealthy think and make decisions in life. here is what i learned from them.
    each have equally diff personalities, they are not afraid of being alone,
    they make mistakes but learn from them, they are not the most academic
    people out there but know where their money goes. Kevin O’leary: “You don’t
    need a degree to be successful in life” (my fave shark)

  15. Simply Strength says:
  16. KevZen2000 says:

    The average income reported in 2012 per person is $26,695 a year, which is
    more than enough to live in America even in 2015. Even with the high rate
    of inflation with the dollar, a lot of stuff is still relatively cheap for
    most people. Spend six months to 1 year studying a subject that is in
    demand, such as IT, trades, investing, etc., you could easily make
    $30,000-$40,000 a year. Add in business “education” with that you will be
    at $60,000 a year easy.

    The problem is that a lot of people think you need to be paid a middle
    class “salary” in order to have a “livable” wage, which is averaging around
    $50,000 a year minimum for most places. They leave out the fact that they
    want to have a new car, expensive house or apartment, useless entertainment
    bullshit, etc., which requires them to make the extra money to support
    their lifestyle of living beyond their means.

    I see people with $500 cell phones, worthless upgrades to piece of shit
    cars to look cool, big screen TVs, no savings or investments, etc., which
    is why they are so broke and asking for more money. Do most of these people
    invest in education to make more, they just complain about not being paid
    enough, instead of getting the skills to make more money.

  17. The Fuzz says:

    Look, being MGTOW, being content with any solitude, an open imagination,
    and of course our lord and saviour, the internet, compel one to achieve so
    much easier. The new currency are ideas, coupled with the ability to
    entertain yourself in solitude. Skip education, skip women, heck even cars
    and homes. All you need is $10000 a year. If I make $20k, let alone $30k, I
    already consider myself rich beyond any banker. I promise you guys, the
    real poverty is simply in your mindset. If you can’t fathom and utilize the
    wealth that is already surrounding us, you will forever be in poverty and

    I lived off 9000 last year, and it was my greatest year ever. I had loads
    of money sitting in the bank and I didn’t even touch it, let alone really
    think about it. I happened to get a job this year, and haven’t cashed a
    check yet. All I’m saying is that curiosity, wonder, technology, fitness,
    imagination, books, work are enough for a man’s fulfillment. Everything is
    possible. Just don’t fuck up in life, and you are already rich. Im not
    bragging, just trying to expand minds here.

    Learn to love living on less, and everything doubles in value. Money beyond
    basic sustenance, is just insurance to get you between hard times, to

  18. Won'tGet FooledAgain says:

    Truth, you ratcheted it up no less than four (4) notches with this video.
    There are many nuggets of truth in this video–the attitude of abundance,
    the importance of minimalism, the importance of entrepreneurship. And the
    physical fitness part.

    I’m nearly 50 and we didn’t have anything like the Internet when getting
    educated and choosing careers. If someone doesn’t take advantage of all
    these tools it’s really their own fault. This business about inequality
    too–the ones who complain about have so many luxuries. You have to want to
    self-actualize and advance to do something novel and not consider yourself
    a “have-not,” which is only a defeatist attitude. The median global income
    is a real shocker too. I’ll do any job for money and experience. If I ever
    lost the great one I’ve got I’m using these tools right away.

    Thanks for your great work Brother.

  19. aristein88 says:

    Point taken. 1st world standard of living is much higher than the 3rd world
    standard of living. But there IS still cause for concern. The standard of
    living in the US is going down for the first time in the nation’s history.
    Homelessness is rising and among children is at a historical high. And, it
    is climbing. Sure, the average person in the US is still enjoying a better
    standard of living than the average person in a 3rd world country (by far).
    But if the standard of living continues to fall in the US, how long will it
    be before that is no longer the case? At what point do we start to worry
    and consider the falling standard of living to be a problem?

    I mean it was only a couple generations ago that a average man didn’t have
    to worry about “minimalism”. He merely had to work an average job for 30
    years and collect a pension. He could afford his own house, his own car
    (being able to pay both off by retirement), support a wife and kids**, take
    vacations, etc….all on an average salary. That is much harder to do today
    on an average salary (about $30k in the US). And, most don’t get a pension,
    so they have to create a very large investable sum out of that $30k (when
    such things used to be in addition to a salary). Despite what the
    government says, inflation has been going up much faster than salaries
    (making things less affordable for the average person).

    That fact is, the only reason the standard of living hasn’t plummeted is
    because of things like:
    -two people working per household (instead of one)
    -artificially low interest rates
    -giving up of things like vacations (or doing them on the cheap, or only
    every few years)
    -kids living at home longer
    and other ways to spend less.

    The fact is people are learning to live with less and do things as cheaply
    as possible. While that may be a good lesson, it is not a good sign for an
    economy. What happens when things continue to decline and you are already
    doing things as cheaply as possible, but costs continue to outpace wages?
    You run out of ways to hold onto your standard of living. The standard of
    living begins to fall as it is the only adjustment left you have any
    control over.

    Anyway, I get your point about we still have it good (relatively speaking).
    But I think there is cause for concern on the course we are on…how long
    will we continue to have it good if we can’t alter course? The bottomline
    is that the US has been spending A LOT more than it produces. That cannot
    continue forever. An adjustment (crash) will come and spending (standard of
    living) will have to adjust downward to what the US produces.

    ** and yes, I know this is a MGTOW space and you shouldn’t support a
    parasitic woman, etc., but I was making a point about standard of living,
    not MGTOW.

  20. The Straight Shooter says:

    Brothers, I’m not gonna violate my own personal OPSEC but I gotta tell ya,
    I bought a dope ass used car for $6000 I’m not gonna tell you what kind of
    car it is but it’s great on gas and chicks have actually walked up to me
    and said they love it. However I didn’t buy it to impress women I got it
    because I needed a good car.
    Also for phone service I use Boost Mobile. I only spent $100 on the phone
    and I get 5 gigs for only $45 a month.
    If you want to work out just get a TRX and the book “Convict Conditioning”
    by Paul Wade plus you can make a dip station out of PVC pipe for about $50.

  21. Bjørn Friedrichsen says:

    shit the worlds median income is really only about 1225 usd? i get abit
    more then 2k and im retired…

  22. Bella S says:

    very shallow take on things. how is this related to mgtow again?

  23. That Corvid says:

    Great video Truth! Most people in North America don’t realize how really
    lucky they are. For almost all, a fulfilling life is achievable. They just
    need to realize their potential and take advantage of the opportunities
    around them. And stop listening to people who tell them otherwise.

  24. The Finn says:

    I think you are way too optimistic about this.
    What do you think of the private Central Banking scam ?

  25. partyboyz3d says:

    Got any tips for someone who might become homeless?

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