iRandom interviews: Ryan Lee, Super 8 interview

iRandom interviews an actor from Super 8 the major motion picture created by JJ Abrams.
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  1. mahomie4life18 says:

    Where did you have the interview ? Why are there lots of kids there? Was it a kids event´╗┐ or something? Please answer ­čśÇ

  2. swinterglow says:

    wats his´╗┐ number?

  3. swinterglow says:

    where was this?´╗┐

  4. magic36rock says:

    im so jealous i hve a´╗┐ crush on him lol

  5. moomoorainbow says:

    OMG im so jello i love ryan lee and´╗┐ wish i it was me givin there :/ wish i could meet him,
    i love irandom its so cool ­čÖé

  6. ilawfryanlee says:

    I am so´╗┐ jealous that u met ryan lee I he is my idol

  7. plumetie67 says:

    ryan …..´╗┐ ON T’ADORE !!! :p

  8. TheCookie8866 says:

    oh´╗┐ yeah obviosly you just run into celebs just sitting on comfy chairs under a tree!

  9. 2010JaneKelly says:

    I love Ryan´╗┐ how did you get to meet him ???

  10. smexiemochick says:

    Where was this´╗┐ event at? soooo jealous you guys ran into him!! XD

  11. XToriboo says:

    Super8FanForever yea right! In´╗┐ your dreams!! He would never so shut your freaking mouth! Kk

  12. countrygirl3378 says:

    he is so cute i wish i could meet him. and u 2 kids r like to young to be on´╗┐ youtube and saying ur names and stuff

  13. Jacquelingoesrawr says:

    2:30 aww “oh hello”´╗┐

  14. SkyPatronus112 says:

    If I ran into him, my´╗┐ reaction wouldn’t be explainable.

  15. TheYodamaster101 says:

    omg thts my´╗┐ fave line (im not jokin or anythim) i luv him and if i cud meet him like tht or anythin id friggin die and ryan if u ever read this hit me up on my page and stuff i luv u

  16. CoolPurple25 says:

    How did u get´╗┐ an interview?!?!?!

  17. LovePeaceDenise15 says:

    hahaha cool you´╗┐ guys r very very lucky to meet him!!!

  18. iRandom455 says:

    we ran into´╗┐ him

  19. LovePeaceDenise15 says:

    Wow u guys r soo lucky did u just randomly see him there oe u like invited him, i just wnna know how u got to´╗┐ interview him…

  20. Super8FanForever says:

    That Justin bieber doesn’t´╗┐ freak out when lots of girls say there married to him…so there for Ryan wouldn’t give a crap? So ha?

  21. luigifan72 says:

    i would be the´╗┐ little girl starring at him as i walked by and then comes back and leans on the back of his chair ^-^

  22. MysteryKayy says:

    omg i love ryan so much´╗┐ you guys r so lucky

  23. tsluv13 says:

    i´╗┐ have that chair. ­čÖé love ryan. :p

  24. Niki30nhappy says:

    i am goping to marry ryan´╗┐ lee

  25. LGinc1 says:

    Don’t ya think he probably would freak out if he saw how many people say they’re married´╗┐ to him

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