iPod Touch 5G Using Siri (2012) – iOS Vlog 962

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  1. Leira R. says:

    iPod Touch 5G Giveaway, red! 80

  2. Amir Zivan says:

    iPod touch 5g giveaway thank u

  3. bluecherrysweet says:

    ipod touch 5g giveaway free! thankyou! (white) yayy

  4. Steven Alvarez says:

    By the way can anyone help? Which ipod? the white/silver or black/slate ? Can’t decide…

  5. Steven Alvarez says:

    @Tatiana Martins … You have to go on settings > general > Siri, and then enable it

  6. hoodedkillaray says:

    Nhl lockout

  7. Tatiana Martins says:

    hey, I have the new ipod 5, the same as this, in white, i’m portuguese, and siri doesn’t work like this… did you do some configurations or something?

  8. phsco2 says:

    THUMBS UP WHO WANTS ONE!!!!!!!!!oh sorry dident realise caps were on!!

  9. king maker says:

    ipod 5th generation give away
    i just want to have it..

  10. TheMakeuptrend says:

    Is siri the same for the ipod 5 and the iphone

  11. Magdi Mousa says:

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  12. Linkid94 says:

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  13. baaaconman says:

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  14. didi44112 says:

    I hope i win the iPod Touch 5G Giveaway

  15. ultigordon16 says:

    hey i was looking for video about the ipod touch 5 siri but lucky i found it seems like your the only person that made a vid about btw awesome this vid is just what i was looking for!

  16. kevin262001 says:

    why mine say ‘s do you want to do a web search ???

  17. Dawnking2fly says:

    I’m sayin

  18. Jackson F says:

    The screen looks like a sticker. Is that good?

  19. Kimberly Weekes says:

    Ipod 5g Giveawayy!!!!!! <3 plz

  20. MrJumpingsnake says:

    I cannot wait till christmas, I WANT MY IPOD

  21. Jack Marchese says:

    love it thanks for the news

  22. cosh277 says:


  23. RheinAhFournia PlayGirlz says:

    “iPod Touch 5G Giveaway”

  24. Bailey Scaroni says:


  25. Carla xoLove says:

    iPod touch 5G giveaway___ i want pink 🙂 like all your vids 🙂

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