Interview With Jonathan Budd (Part 1 of 2)

JP King (www.jpking.biz) interviews “Internet Royalty” Jonathan Budd. #1
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. adambcrocker says:

    Great video… I understand where Jonathan’s coming from with the Power of Intention. It’s something we all need to understand.

  2. anthonybfrye says:

    If Mark Hoverson teamed up with JB, that is saying something. If you don’t know who Mark Hoverson is, not too many people are calling HIM a scam. Keep on rockin’ JB.

  3. epistades1 says:

    i love that “internet royalty” lives in a middle-class south county subdivision. where do i sign up…?

  4. kwickstarzux says:

    Snaggletooth FAQ’d fryling real good. Stress has taken a toll on her skin; looking late 30’s and only late 20’s. Who knew it wouldn’t last? LOL! Just like their schemes….here today, gone tomorrow.

  5. amazinglienow says:

    According to Jonathan Dudd’s video, the house that the internet bought was a lease he got evicted from for paying his rent to the courts. Get your facts straight you fraud.

    BTW, is your non visited site a result of Dudd’s training?

  6. 29sama says:

    ridiculous - he’s the biggest scam. you pay 7 dollars, and he takes your money every month, disgrace!

  7. Lindathemightywitch says:

    @javiernunez69 it’s on the side of the wall. Don’t you know about houses like that?! LOL, are you from the ghetto?

  8. davidkap1 says:

    @jimbobjackca sounds good to me, i’m already reading tony robbins books… might as well make some money along the way.

  9. javiernunez69 says:

    Wow…great house! …and NO DOORBELL….hahaha.

  10. LisaCorkern says:

    Great video!

  11. mlmseopro says:

    Cool and good interview

  12. jimbobjackca says:

    thanks for sharing your secrets; just to be sure that I am understanding correctly the process is essentially- read a bunch of Tony Robbins books, do a bunch of videos where I basically entice people with a bunch of inspiring fluff and then reveal the big secret- send me $20 and I will share all my secrets to make you a millionaire….. all you have to do is find a bunch of suckers like you to send you $20!! Then have them all post rave reviews about what a guru you are for credibility. genius!

  13. Louiseevans222 says:

    thank you very much for this great video

    Louise Evans

  14. davesteffensmeier says:

    Awesome video. Thank you for the value that you bring.

    Have a great day!
    Dave Steffensmeier

  15. debwood56 says:

    Awesome house Jonathan, I want to be your neighbor! =)

    You have a sincerity about you that’s really cool. You’re way different in this type of video than you are when you’re the one in front of the camera with you taking the lead.

    It’s awesome to see you in a different light.

    Thanks JP for putting this out! Now continue so we can hear the yoga story!!!

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