Interview With Jonathan Budd (2 of 2)

JP King (www.jpking.biz) interviews “Internet Royalty” Jonathan Budd. #2
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. RankHigherMakeMoney says:

    Awesome story! So true about meditation … really opens you up and helps you gain inner strength and wisdom.

  2. batiken says:

    jonathan budd is the man!!! I’m 21, and I want to be just like him hen I’m 25.

  3. elizabethjthomas says:

    Hey Jonathan,
    Enjoying Module 1 of Get Traffic 3.0 thanks for putting it together

  4. thriveonsuccess says:

    Great video Jonathan love following you

  5. JERMAINES2007 says:

    Thanks john ! I will be picking up crumbs all the way to Vegas Baby !! July 9th 10th and 11th!! Jermaine Steele

  6. Louiseevans222 says:

    omg he is so true….

  7. CarlasWrld says:

    Very real, and inspiring. I am not 25… to learn principles like this at that age is nothing short of a BLESSING. He is so right about being earnest and pushing past the horrible insecurity of living on the edge.

    Love it!!!!

  8. IssacBenAvram says:

    I can totally relate with what Jonathan said about the bread crumbs!!!! Thanks so much for the message. This means a lot!! Have a great and awesome day!!!!

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