Interview: Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee Talk Super 8

Our friend James Kleinmann talks to Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths & Ryan Lee about their new movie, Super 8 which is directed by JJ Abrams, Produced by Steven Spielberg and also stars Elle Fanning, Amanda Michalka, Kyle Chandler, Ron Eldard, Noah Emmerich and Gabriel Basso.

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  1. TheBIGGESTTWAT says:

    Lol at 4:23

  2. chloedean5 says:

    Ryan is in the Titanium- Official Music Video clip.

  3. cassandratjheu says:

    OMG!!! ryan lee is so HOT !!! <3

  4. elvira2704 says:

    Joel is very very cute, but is a bit serious. Ryan is very very cute and funny ¡I LOVE HE!………one question, what is the name of the song they sing????

  5. ClareLouise1Dx says:

    i love how Riley is laughing then when Ryan says :you have it on your ipod@ he takes a second then turns so serious.

  6. TheHawii1001 says:

    Ryan is kinda annoying, Joel doesn’t seem to like him much. But Joel is really shy and cute. xx x)

  7. ThePOPWEE says:

    they seem to not like Ryan very much.

  8. Kingshal11 says:

    i recorded it on my phone

  9. Kingshal11 says:

    i love 4:23 so much! that happened right before the crash best movie ever

  10. mustang809 says:

    Ryan is soooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to meet him

  11. XToriboo says:

    I -3 RYAN SCOTT LEE soooooooo much!!!!!!!!! He is sooooooo hot!!! I luv him the most!!!!!!! I’m obsessed with him! -3 -3 need to meet him !!!

  12. TheGigiLola says:

    I love Joel <33333333333

  13. keepitup4life says:

    I LUUUUVVVVV RYAN SCOTT LEE!!!!!!!!! Joel is really hawt 2!!!! i luv them and riley is sooo funny!!!!!! i think they’re amazing actors!!! much talent!! Bravo!!!!!!!

  14. theryanleelover says:

    @24wildmonkey25 YES HE ISSS<333333

  15. 24wildmonkey25 says:

    awh ryan hahaha he messed up ! : ) <33333333333333333

  16. 24wildmonkey25 says:

    RYANS CUTTEST THOUGH!!! <3333 : )

  17. crazycookie56 says:

    Good interview riley ryan and joel are all cute

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