Internet Friends (Original Mix) – Knife Party [Full Track | HD | 720p]

Knife Party playing Internet Friends live: www.youtube.com Download 100% No Modern Talking free at www.knifeparty.com. Some may say to skip to 1 but a drop is nothing without the build up ­čśë Here it is – the final, mastered full length copy of Internet Friends, which Knife Party debuted at Ibiza earlier this year. I rendered the uncompressed .wav available on BeatPort at 720p with 320kbps audio, so it’s as high a quality as YouTube’s encoder will process it. Internet Friends is a massive Electro House track released on Knife Party’s 100% No Modern Talking EP yesterday, a completely free EP also containing Destroy Them With Lazers, Tourniquet, and Fire Hive, all of which are massive tunes themselves, and since they’re free you have no excuse not to download it! I highly suggest you give the EP a spin – download it for free from www.knifeparty.com, or if you can spare some cash, buy it on Beatport www.beatport.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. killerbanjo says:

    @BrettJones91´╗┐ Is it not derpstep?

  2. FriesanGirl456 says:


  3. Smidz018 says:

    yeah, its house for sure, but you have to really listen to it to discovor that, it just seems like dubstep at first´╗┐ listen

  4. byFruityy says:

    i dont care´╗┐ what genre it is it is an amazing tune…

  5. SoundGauge says:

    @ZuguruOfficial I KNOW RIGHT! Every signle fucking song these new fag emos hear that has a synth in it is automatically DUBSTEP! What the FUCKK!??!?! Sounds NOTHING like dubstep!! If they’re talking about skrillex brostep, then go and listen to some FUCKING skrillex brostep!!! Nothing against Brostep but STOP relating´╗┐ it to EVERY, FUCKING, GENRE OF EDM!! Oh! And FYI Electronic dance music is NOT CALLED TECHNO! Fucking idiots man! God i get so annoyed at these things!!!

  6. XCMajor says:

    Just so everyone knows Brett is right…I will explain if i have to! It doesn’t have the snare on every third´╗┐ beat making sound halfstep which is what dubstep is along with the classic wub, yoy, ai etc

  7. iFerrex says:

    I have an idea for you idiots: why don’t we let´╗┐ the genre discussion drop and just enjoy the music that we like? You damn sub culture kiddo’s.

  8. SilloOw says:

    Love´╗┐ it

  9. RavageDesigns says:

    its electro/house´╗┐ everyone stfu

  10. Razeiken says:

    Happily its not dubstep. Otherwise´╗┐ it’d sound like shit ­čśŤ

  11. Icewarriors2 says:

    This does it! Now I found something way´╗┐ better than porn!

  12. mrdickshitboy says:

    what a bomb ;)´╗┐

  13. ZuguruOfficial says:

    i remember a day when not every good electro song was called´╗┐ “dubstep” by some morons

  14. ChiibiStyle says:

    Is there a´╗┐ place where i can download the individual track without having to download the entire mix? (though i already have)

  15. xsmilingpolitely says:

    it has some beats of hardstyle, the drop and some of the´╗┐ synth is electro, and some of the wobbles are definately dubstep. it’s a mixture of everything.

  16. iCarroller says:


  17. chefkok112 says:

    1´╗┐ word AWSOME

  18. djdrow23 says:

    sick dubs.. imo nn flame from rand fgts, if u no like,´╗┐ click next, derp-da-derp, what a concept.

  19. FrEsChEcLyPzZ says:

    this is more heavy drop than skrillex!!!´╗┐ ;o

  20. 007man033 says:

    @IaMxOpFA Now*´╗┐ You’re*

  21. BrettJones91 says:

    @starwolfff Call it whatever you want, but it’s still not´╗┐ dubstep. At all.

  22. starwolfff says:

    I do actually not fucking care about the genre, I call that that Dubstep electro still and it’s´╗┐ awesome, that’s all.

  23. iVampireRAWR says:

    FUCKING´╗┐ SKANK! ­čśë

  24. bobdabeastyo says:

    8 people blocked her on´╗┐ facebook

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