Insider Reveals GlaxoSmithKline Targeted Children with Illegal Drug Marketing

Mike talks with Blair Hamrick, a big pharm whistleblower who has blown the lid off the bribery of physicians, the push for off-label marketing of drugs for unapproved health conditions, and the illegal marketing of drugs to children by GlaxoSmithKline. www.infowars.com www.prisonplanet.tv twitter.com www.facebook.com [Check out Alex’s New Social Network-‘Planet Infowars’ planet.infowars.com Get all your Youngevity Products such as Beyond Tangy Tangerine, the Alex Pack and Pollen Burst. These supplements are a great way to get your essentials vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other beneficial nutrients www.infowarsteam.com [[[ProPur Water Filtration]]] www.infowarsshop.com

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  1. DREDD2001AD says:

    Because we write anti illuminati new world order songs, the industry blank us.
    The music industry are making sure we never get help or support.
    Over 100 songs and yet no record label will touch us after the Wake Up song.
    We are humble enough to ask for support from our supporters in the U.S.A.
    Please do not let another band be lost to the pop industry.
    Please share our songs is all we ask.

  2. Aurinkohirvi says:

    Why does this guest has so much difficulties to speak? It’s like speaking caused him physical pain.
    It hurts me to listen his suffering.

  3. westernvoices5 says:

    The Zionists are deliberately destroying all Western countries! They immigrated into our nations and then secretly declared war upon us!

    They conspired to take control of our nation’s infrastructure through carefully orchestrated acts of TREASON! They became our Bankers, Politicians & media owners. Their goal is to obliterate the middle class!!

    For a FREE informative BOOKLET & video on the Zionist-engineered INTENTIONAL destruction of White people go to:

    youtube. com/watch?v=n663eVTSyS8

  4. MrMasterBrat says:

    right on!

  5. quantumdeviance7 says:

    only less drugs and a lot smarter lol

  6. Rob187ok says:

    I hope all those sharp dressed drug pushers are listening.and waking up to what they’re involved in just for making money.

  7. Rob187ok says:

    I agree,, and I wish I could afford to buy a bottle of the real strong stuff (5000ppm) which can be duluted for different aplications It might even be effective enough to save lives in the event of bio attacks..

  8. ctgedrose says:

    Thanks Blair for your courage!

  9. Hijynx87 says:

    He really does, lol.

  10. quantumdeviance7 says:

    erm…um…em….does ne one else think he kind of looks like chris farley?…lol

  11. PAULLEVISS says:

    erm yeah erm well urh erm SOP SAYING ERM PLEASE

  12. MrMasterBrat says:

    Oh dear. IDASPATUM thinks being a good truther is calling people she doesn’t know ‘shills’. No proof.. Just blind offensive rants. Lol

  13. FlawlessCock says:

    shut that dog up….put a glock to his head,…

  14. DarkEcstasyWorld says:

    Thank you for your comment, that was me who called in. I get pretty nervous calling into these shows. I will check out that book. Most of these big pharma drugs are BAD NEWS. Google SSRI survivors or Effexor survivors and you will see countless people, just like me, who had horrible things happen to them with these drugs. They are hard to get off of as well, bad withdrawal symptoms.

  15. seriouslywakeup says:

    us patent 6630507 ! cannabis can cure cancers!

  16. DropHDGaming says:

    so has the company been shut down yet or what? you cant seriously say this company is still up and running after all this lol? r

  17. DropHDGaming says:

    so has the company been shut down yet or what? you cant seriously say this company is still up and running after all this lol? r

  18. IdaSputum says:

    Get a life instead of another faceless account GLAXO PHARM TROLL

  19. westchesterny says:

    The young man who called must be very brave, and to have to grapple with parents giving him dangerous drugs he didn’t really need. Many young people have these drugs suggested to them, and adults are too lazy and uncaring to research and to know about these issues. Peter Breggin’s Toxic Psychology was a good book; he researched the drugs being given to youth

  20. westchesterny says:

    Strange, that WAR CRIMES are prosecuted— and civilians who became soldiers during a draft (with no legal other choice) are held accountable legally, after the wars, (fought for the state). But a CEO is a voluntary position, and yet they are not put forward as the “fall guy.” If civilians who are drafted can be jailed for war crimes (they committed legally for some government or state), then it seems voluntary CEOs would be liable, at least

  21. MrMasterBrat says:

    When you find them.. pass them to IdaSputum.. she seems depressed. No worries.

  22. MrMasterBrat says:

    grow up.

  23. MrMasterBrat says:

    give up you silly woman.. you shout attacks at everybody.. sort your face out…

  24. getbo says:

    Sorry I ran out of my meds

  25. getbo says:

    You are right – I apologize, I over reacted

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