Inside the $500 Costa Rica Mastermind Course – Empower Network

Watch the Full Presentation Video Here: http://www.MoreCashUpFront.com Join Here: http://www.hypertracker.com/go/bfigueroa/YTJoinEN/
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  1. Barbie Figueroa says:

    Hi Patricia.. Sorry I did not see your comment sooner.. Yes I’m still
    affiliated. You can visit my site at personalbrandingforprofit.com under
    marketing education to learn more. If I can be of assistance just contact
    me thru my site. Thank you =)

  2. jess bern says:

    Hey Barbie , I sent you a friend request on FB 🙂 I like your energy .
    Thank you for sharing this with us 🙂 

  3. Barbie Figueroa says:

    You’re very welcome Easton. Glad it helped =)

  4. koushikghosho1 says:

    Madam i m a poor boy from India just came to know abt this industry through
    You Tube your talking i understand u r in bit of helping
    stuff……………help me be my mentor a make me a start
    here…………….. my mail is koushikghsh@gmail.com get to me and tech

  5. DjFingers Flores says:

    cool sneak peek… thanks

  6. Easton Hunter says:

    Thanks for the inside look Barbie.

  7. Patricia Harris says:

    Your site MoreCashUpFront.com is not available but your other link is
    working do you still do EN?

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  9. Joseilton Barbosa says:

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