INSEAD MBA – The Experience

The real top MBA experience with all of its weaknesses uncovered in HD detail ————————- This video was produced for the Advertising and Social Media Strategies class at INSEAD. Special thanks to students and faculty in the video.

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  1. VikasSharmaUSA says:

    Super liked!!!

  2. VikasSharmaUSA says:

    Super liked!!!

  3. TriniPunkin says:

    Excellent quality, speed, audio… just fabulous!

  4. paranoidjugz says:


  5. hh270708 says:

    inspiring and exciting, makes you wonna go back to school man

  6. trickystudios11 says:

    @karmak123 Hey Kari, thanks for checking this out!! The raw footage had some more candy involved – glad to see the selection that made the final cut was to your liking 🙂

  7. seenaar says:

    love it!

  8. karmak123 says:

    Yo! BFB Kari here! I’d comment there, but I thought here would be better.

    This is very well done! No, really. Beautifully shot with a nice song choice and entertaining parts to keep the viewer interested and involved. And you also included Twix and Bueno which I tend to gorge every now and then (shh!), so extra points. 😀

    I’ll share it with a couple of my friends. 🙂

  9. gemmini522 says:

    best one so far!!! love it!!!

  10. lackofinspiration says:

    Prob the best so far

  11. mgshoemaker says:


  12. trickystudios11 says:

    @FadzliRealtor It was a Canon 5D Mark II – Thanks for checking it out!

  13. kunstdunst says:

    Great work.

  14. knivelegendz says:


  15. FadzliRealtor says:

    Hey. Got it from BFB.
    I like the way you edited this video.
    Which camera did you use to record this?

  16. alinehoney1 says:

    wowwww!!!!!! Enjoyed every second of it!! Do u guys have moreee?? lol

  17. samsuploads says:

    Glad to see it’s finally out! Absolutely awesome, guys! I like a lot!

  18. csychin04 says:

    This one is addictive.

  19. csychin04 says:

    My favorite so far! AWESOME!

  20. MBACVBattle says:

    Cool video guys 😀 Good job!

  21. pnawrocki27 says:

    great video, thanks guys for the cooperation!

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