Infinity Downline – We will pay your way in !

Infinity Downline – We will pay your way in !

Article by Infinity Downline Team

May We GIVE You a Residual A Month?

We want to set you up in an awesome offer at Infinity Downline at no cost to you for 30 days. During those 30 days, We want to promote your affiliate page until you have at least 1 signup to cover your membership cost after the 30 days, but we will keep promoting your link until you have 5 total signups ( normally you get these with-in your first 30 days too). This will insure that you will receive a month. At the end of the 30 days, you will be asked to set up a recurring monthly payment, but you will already have that bare minimum cost insured!

How sweet is that?

Sign up to Infinity Downline, Complete a 2 min task 2x daily, and get a month for life!

That’s if you only complete the 2 min task. If you decide you’d like to promote this offer, I will teach you how to easily increase that amount until you have achieved three amazing results.

1. Make up to ,000 a month!(Would that change the way you are living now?)

2. Give away to scores of people who are hurting.

3. Help a few people achieve their wildest financial dreams!

The Plan

We will pay your first monthly fee. You make no commitment, and no payment subscription. Simply create an account at Infinity Downline using our team link below, and select the payment processor you would prefer should you chose to stay on after the first month. During that first month, We will promote your link in our rotator and give you bare minimum 1 signup to cover your membership cost, but we will keep your link in our rotator until you have at least 5 total signups ( normally you get these with-in the first month as well).

The first and third signups will be yours, and will pay you a month each. You keep 100% of that! There are no admin fees in Infinity Downline! The 2nd and 4th signups will be your gift to your Sponsor (which we gave you in the first place!) The fifth person who signs up and everyone after that to infinity will pay you directly.

(Don’t be fooled by other Infinity Downline offers. Others are promising to get your first 4 for you and usually make you pay right off the bat. We’re giving you at least 5 and paying for your first month. This is the most generous Infinity Downline team you will find anywhere online!)

Do You Get It?

This has got to be the most insane offer on the internet! Sign up, wait until you have a downline, then pay . If you chose to leave it at that you receive a month indefinitely. If you chose to follow the simple step by step instructions to promote this same offer to others, you will increase that income so much and so fast your neighbors will wonder if you robbed a bank! Either way you win, big-time. This is an offer you can’t refuse!

Rules of the Road!

1. You must login 2x daily and complete the basic ID work2. If you promoting you must not SPAM3. If your promoting your in the Traffic Co-Op and you must do your daily promotional work (Basically you must contribute too)4. This is a Team build if we find out that you are abusing our campaigns or abusing our site by promoting our campaigns and then not doing as promised you will have your account deleted and forfeit all earnings and downline members!

We are a honest Team and we need to protect the integrity of our Team, Our Members, and Our Campaigns by doing thisit Guarantee’s that all Team Members will Continue to make a Killing with this!

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