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  1. Enroll Daily says:
  2. Enroll Daily says:
  3. Sponsor Daily says:
  4. Enroll Daily says:

    by the way, if you focus on reasons not to succeed & compile them in a
    conscious list, you will fail. Create a crystal clear vision of why you
    desire to succeed, then ask,”What will that get me?” Then ask again, “When
    I have that, what will that get me?” Do this 7 + times until your mind goes
    silent, and your true purpose emerges. Use my vehicle to then carry it out.

  5. Enroll Daily says:

    lol no brotha I’ll work with ya : ) Yeah, first thing you need to do is go
    buy the system that I mentioned in my video to market your biz & learn the
    skills. Following directions without asking why is the first secret to
    modeling a mentor (not saying you’re doing that, just sayin ; )

  6. Rich Kunigisky says:

    Does that mean you Won’t work with me? I wasn’t being critical just trying
    to help and I REALLY don’t need another reason to not succeed, I have
    enough of those. People who are succeeding will not take the time to mentor
    those who want to without asking for huge money to do it. I need someone
    that I can just park my ass near and do what they tell me to do so we can
    help each other out. If that’s not you because you don’t have the time,
    I’ll accept that and keep looking.

  7. Rich Kunigisky says:

    Your intro/outright graphic spells downline wrong. Just trying to help, not
    be a jerk pointing out your mistakes. Look forward to working with you.

  8. Enroll Daily says:

    Yeah, I saw that…once you realize what gets you paid, you’ll find that
    worrying about things like that just doesn’t matter. The people who would
    be critical of me or not work with me b/c of it, are subconsciously looking
    for reasons not to succeed anyway….so I don’t really want to work with
    them ; )

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