9 Replies to “Infinity Downline – 10K Proof of Income?!? You Better Believe it”

  1. thanks for the information provided, but i’d like to know if i join this
    site how will i receive the money because i’m in africa

  2. Hi Ed, Thanks for watching my video in my ‘man cave’ 😉 I’ve never used any
    paid advertising for the program whatsoever, if that is what you are
    referring to. I have an exclusive Training Site for all my members to
    access that teaches how to market an online business completely FREE. I
    wouldn’t recommend ever using a paid signup site, doesn’t sound very
    reputable to me, but that’s just my opinion.

  3. I have recently joined infinity downline, but I don’t understand the
    system. What happens once you get your four people to sign up?

  4. Hi Sharod, If you’ve signed up with our team, you should be getting a
    ‘Welcome Email’ from your sponsor that gives you access to my exclusive
    training site that shows you everything step by step on how to build this
    business to a large income very quickly. Contact me directly if you are on
    our team and did not receive this email, and I will get it to you asap. The
    training site is located in my video description above, it has over 50
    video tutorials on how to dominate online.

  5. Hi James, I’m joined ID under someone else but I like your training site.
    I’m most interested in getting a ID website to promote. Can you help me
    with that? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

  6. i’ve been watching you for a minute!!! IMPRESSED at your work! i
    accomplished $475 in 3 days! ID is a BLESSING man

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