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Think you’re going to make a million dollars in network marketing? Give me the next three minutes of your time. infactvideo.com
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  1. rasin00100 says:

    Hey, have you considered this plan called the Intellitus Cash System? (check google). My father in law says it gets people plenty of income.

  2. bo12117 says:

    Check out my video and avoid all the bs…

  3. 906087 says:

    Could you do one on paper recycling? Or maybe bathroom hygiene? Just a suggestion.

  4. jonish143 says:

    Hello there, have you tried out “DotCom Success Maximizer” (do a Google search for it)? There you will find a practical free video. He has in fact enabled me to earn money from the internet. Hopefully it works for you as well.

  5. aceshigh8881 says:

    BRAVO….Network marketing is such a scam! Each company is no different than a cult. They brainwash there members, then milk them for all the money they have feeding them this pipe dream that as long as they stay in the cult they’ll someday get rich. What a total fraud.

  6. bo12117 says:

    I am looking for people to go into business with online for more info add me on skype bo-jackson

  7. EliteBlackTech says:

    isn’t this just a pyramid scheme?

  8. twocentsCanada says:

    Anyone interested in retail should research that. Network marketing is a scam and is illegal in some places, even though the laws prohibiting it may not be enforced. When you research network marketing you will find out it uses the same model that the Mafia is based on as well as techniques used by cults in order to isolate and condition participants. It’s not an ethical, truthful or legitimate business model.

  9. zachattack808 says:

    I have made more money with Empower Network than at my restaurant job; roughly 2 times the amount. And it is residual, if you do a google or youtube search, you will see that Empower is a REAL business that ANYONE can make money from.

  10. EarlofCrawford says:

    You are only a single doubling “better”, more or less. It still CANNOT work. Honestly. Please don’t try it.

  11. EarlofCrawford says:

    Wow. You have missed the point….several times. You are actually “extra” wrong.

  12. fatdownful says:

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  13. ThatsWhatsCrazy says:

    I got tricked into joining Amway a few years back. Went to a few of those seminars and I remember thinking oh God, I don’t belong here, these people ALL act and look like muppets. Those people scared me. Never joining anything like that again.

  14. MrSultanissa says:

    not all company require to tell 5 ppl .. what if it require 2 only from each person ?

  15. espirates2 says:

    This man is a God! I’m going to tell three of my friends so they can each tell three of their friends. We should be able to wipe out all existence of the cult network marketing in about a day.

  16. dimehris says:

    Everybody can’t succeed in the Network marketing, because they quit in that time when they dont start ….and for that reason the network cant full it with distributors …you don’t need all the people …u need only 5/6 of them. This is not a fact Brian what ur show ass…do u even try to see is this work before?!

  17. cogwheel42 says:

    What’s more amazing is how little of this video you understand. This is about network marketing. What the hell do farmers markets have to do with anything?

  18. mobeyk says:

    Its amazing how little this video explains. Is a farmers market that resembles a community a scam too. the money is generated by the community and stays in community. The big scam are multinational companies that sucker the money way from communities. The example of the Saturation of market many offering the same thing is not logical in this video.

  19. d67529 says:

    skeptoid is awesome.

  20. seopricingcheapseo says:

    I encourage you to continue with your contribution it is appreciated.

  21. 123juddly says:

    In case anyone is looking for a good network marketing opportunity, this company is taking over their respective industry, check out this video and/or message me for more details:

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  22. djscomputers says:

    Really i dont think so…lol

  23. lmelvina58 says:

    Well done Brian.

  24. Gondorization says:

    @thalaxia IF she made money she ripped off at least 99 other people who lost their money to her. But you are probably just lying in order to convince others to sign up under you.

  25. ONIProductionsLtd says:

    This is why Vector Marketing is a scam, especially since they target college kids.

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