Indiana Basketball 2012 Recruiting Class Mix

This is a fan mix of all 5 of Indiana’s 2012 recruits; Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell, Hanner Perea, Jeremy Hollowell, Ron Patterson, and Peter Jurkin
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  1. bucky468 says:

    As an OSU fan & alum I think IU’s the only team who’s a definite Final 4 team. OSU, MSU & UM will have their hands full in ’12-’13. I don’t think anyone can stop IU in the B1G. This season will be even better than last season & Crean should’ve gotten both B1G & National Coach of the Year for his maraculous comeback in ’11-’12. IU went from 12 to 27 wins in a year span. Coach Crean’s for real. He came from good stock (Tom Izzo) & he’s a helluva recruiter. D-Wade’s the 1st to come to mind.

  2. bucky468 says:

    Who’s AU? Auburn? They suck!! You must be a UK fan or something. Am I right or wrong?

  3. Ryan Herendeen says:

    Hahahahahah I laughed at that lol jerkin at the foul line!!?? Haha now I might get curious and listen more often myself lol even tho I watch the gms on tv lol

  4. David Huss says:

    not a problem since patterson isnt coming anymore, you need grades in order to play basketball

  5. achangedman5 says:

    recruiting in the state of Indiana is like hitting the gold mine…I’m just happy that we can keep 4 of these 5 guys in state, where they belong….Kentucky where are your people?

  6. achangedman5 says:

    too funny, now that you mention it that is funny as hell!

  7. Ryan hoosier says:


  8. mroberts2000 says:

    I can’t wait to hear a Don Fisher radio cast of a IU game when Peter Jurkin is in the game…”Jurkin under the basket”, or “Jurkin at the foul line”…just sayin, it’s gonna be hilarious.

  9. mroberts2000 says:

    No doubt that Ferrell is great, but some of the shots he puts up in the lane in this video would get sent into the stands in a college game. He’s gonna have to get bigger and sneakier to get those shots to go down at the next level.

  10. achangedman5 says:

    You are on an Indiana Recruitment video, trying to downplay the importance and rank of what could and SHOULD be one of the MOST viable contenders for the national championship…..is the problem that you are here? or is the problem you thought it’d be wise to say something?

  11. AUHoops2016 says:

    lol they are #13….

  12. mattwaters10 says:

    What about Mo Creek?

  13. Zach Graham says:

    In getting 4 year players, yes he is the best.
    In getting 1 year players, that has to go to Calipari.. sad to say

  14. Zach Graham says:

    He might be a better point guard, but he is not even close to Jordan shooting. Hulls is on another level..

  15. ibeunstoppable says:


  16. Jordan Gorman says:

    To me yogi is already better than hulls that’s my opinion because he can shoot the ball just as good and gets to the bucket and dishes off to teammates better.

  17. thebest2v3 says:

    Damn I remember when a 6 ft and under team beat the hell outta those guys twice last year. Ask yogi if he remembers fred vanvleet lol, and ask him why they couldn’t beat pryme tyme lol

  18. JayGatsbyOdysseus says:

    I don’t know how Crean is going to find everyone minutes. I think Hanner will start. Zeller, Hanner, Watford, Sheehey and Hulls, starting five. Yogi, Oladipo and Jeremy Howell will get serious minutes. Jurkin and Patterson and Abel and Cheeks will also compete for minutes. Elston will not get off the bench and should transfer.

  19. MrAT1298 says:

    Love it but can Hanner Perea do anything but dunk?

  20. GreenYZ18 says:

    Yogi and Jeremy look like they were in their sophomore or junior year maybe. Nonetheless, tremendous talent coming to B-Town, #themovement #iubb

  21. mrbillablehours says:

    2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 are all stellar classes. No one has outrecruited IU and Crean over that period, no one. Plus, they are all great kids and good students.

  22. lb55blitz says:

    Somebody’s jeaaaalous! IU baby!

  23. schnike68 says:

    Shitty SCRUBS

  24. achangedman5 says:

    The dunk at 3:48 when Perea is in the white is one of the nastiest dunks i’ve seen in awhile….all off a rebound too….mans got GLOVE sized hands…

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