Impossible is nothing Motivational Video

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  1. ImaginexBro says:

    That is actually 100% Possible. are you dumb or something? Think for fucks sake idiot. Bye.

  2. ImaginexBro says:

    You are retarded, that is 100% possible. Actually think of something NOT impossible next time. Idiot.

  3. Adam Itayem says:

    “Nothing’s Impossible”
    …have YOU ever tried stapling water to a tree? exactly. impossible

  4. BTSdivision says:

    LOL i really thought that last 1 was going to be Nike at first

  5. peca10bv says:

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  6. krimeking007 says:

    it was Muhammed Ali

  7. EuroStyle1995 says:

    Even the word impossible has *I’m Possible* in it.

  8. Manuel Santos says:

    or staple water onto a tree 😀

  9. David Sho says:

    I’ll tell you what is Impossible spelling Impossible with out Possible

  10. Rifqi Tjahjono says:

    Impossible will be “I’m possible” which is depend on us how do we pronounce it

  11. ayush sangole says:


  12. Daniel William says:

    micah lancaster

  13. udaranalan says:

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  14. Chris Ferrero says:

    I cancelled mine coz Im too busy with work -_-

  15. MasterStreetTeacher says:

    God dwells inside of you! So with him inside of you what is impossible!

  16. Mary Nduku says:

    great. anything can be impossible to man, but with God everything is possible.

  17. Manuel Almagro says:

    It seems to be a literal translation from Spanish or another Latin language.

  18. GodFatherMenke says:

    Don’t live vicarious through other people live through yourself

  19. CrazyBobbyJ1000 says:

    I love it

  20. bfmeIInundin says:

    Look what France is now hahaha

  21. andrej13mkd says:

    My classmates laughed when I told them I would bulk up with “MAD Ripped Muscle”, but then they saw the results. Go and Google MAD Ripped Muscle to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  22. Jade Marsh says:

    im sorry but nadia was 14 when she competed in montreal? it said she was 13 :S


    impossible = im possible

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