Image Transfer Technique using Transparency Film

Showing you how to create awesome artworks using a simple yet effective transfer technique. Want to connect with me on a more personal artistic level? do you want more information about any of my techniques and online courses? Then join my mixed media social network called ´Loving Mixed media´ at www.lovingmixedmedia.com It is totally free to join. I share lots of tips and hints and it is a great safe place to share your work whether your a beginner or a more seasoned artist wanting some inspiration and motivation! Check out my online etsy store at www.garyreef.etsy.com
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  1. 09BONGZKIE says:

    wow! very nice!!! but is this will work on acrylic sheet?

  2. onegreeneye says:

    i have a laser printer..do u think that type of ink would work on an ink jet transparency film sheet, to print on & transfer??

  3. Aw Fawk says:

    oh can i ask why not just print to the piece of paper?

  4. Aw Fawk says:

    what kind of surfaces does this work on? any metals, plastic or anything you would find out in the streets? >.<

  5. Susan Frank says:

    I doubt wax and ink jet would transfer. There is a chemical reaction between the ink and the gel. Perhaps it is the water that dissolves the ink and the gel may act as a not-too wet carrier for the water. Then when the gel drys, it contains and solidifies the ink that has dissolved into it. The transparency peels off because acrylics do not stick AT ALL. to some types of plastic.
    Wax would not behave the same so I doubt it will work. The above is just my theory. I know nothing of chemistry.

  6. czdezines says:

    Great video so glad you can use inkjet and acrylics. May I ask what happens to the negative area of the image. Does the medium gel show on the background or does it just stick to the ink of the transfer? So if you add different images in layers does the medium build up on the background surface? Also if you add a layer does the medium effect the bottom layer? Thanks

  7. pnewlands78 says:

    I realize this video is pretty old, but I have a question about the decorative cardstock paper. Is it possible to transfer those images to wood or any other porous object? I would like to use the images to decorate different pieces of furniture.

  8. sk.mehedi Kamal says:

    good tutorial

  9. lalotz says:

    Did you use an inkjet printer to print your design? what type of Transparency Film did you use?

  10. gawgamers says:

    hi mate does this work with plastic surface as well?.

  11. natalie zach says:

    can you use colored images or just black and white??


    ok so im doing this now. i checked it out after 5 min, some was on but not all and def not as dark as i want it to be, why do you think this is?

    not enough gel medium or not long enough waiting period. Ive seen videos where they take it off immediately and it looks good

  13. thegrooviestthing says:

    I see most of the ink left the transparency. I’m assuming you could reuse that transparency later..?

  14. TheArkyrebel says:

    Great informative video! I’ll refer back to this often. Thanks!!

  15. Mideo Mirek says:

    Thanks for yr tutorial.
    Can i use yr method on fabric ?

  16. JupiKitten says:

    Not sure if anyone has asked this yet or not, but can you use this technique to transfer an image to an acrylic plastic panel or is there a better method?

  17. Jodi Concepcion says:

    Can you use a image from a laser jet printer? Thanks!

  18. CuriousVagabond113 says:

    Marvelous tutorial! Thank you so much!

  19. ARTEMISWILDE says:

    - Hi, acrylic medium and gel medium are often the same thing. What most people use is actually called “acrylic gel medium” which can be glossy or matte. It comes in different weights such as as heavy, regular and soft. Regular is probably a good one to start with. Brands include Golden, Liquitex, or Winsor & Newton. Most art shops will stock these – in Melbourne, try Senior Art Supplies (you can also order online, and they stock Golden products) or Eckersley’s. Hope this helps!

  20. EinsteinsMuse says:

    Having trouble finding any kind of Gel Medium.. I have found an ‘Acrylic Medium’ but I think it’s for thinning paint. Could you suggest a particular craft store I might try (Melbourne, Australia)?

  21. xxdjcharlierockxx says:

    this worked very good. do you think it would work on a stained surface? i would like to transfer pictures and text onto a a stained table made out of mdf or cabinetry grade plywood. also after the picture has been transferd what do you do about the excess acrylic medium gel? thanks


    Transparency paper for inkjets are VERY expensive…in my case it is more expensive than the printer I own. lol

  23. netmatrix75 says:

    Can i use GESSO to replace the heavy structure gel?

  24. nikolajcuvac says:

    I tried this method today on linen fabric. It worked very well. I used impasto gel 2. how do I remove the dried gel layer to get the farbic soft again? Is there a method to get the image fixed so that I can wash the fabric? thanks for your help. the idea of cleaning the transparency film with alcohol so that I can reuse them is great! I’d really appreciate any further good ideas.

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