Illegal multi-level marketing claims against US firm Nu Skin

The People’s Daily has accused US company Nu Skin of lying about its business in the country.
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  1. Vitaliy Dubinin says:

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  2. debbiewasshername says:

    the problem for china is how to get a hold on this nightmare. It is a core
    problem of the mlm system. It is about getting a ton of people involved
    under you like a pyramid with you on top so you can retire a millionaire
    with passive income. The problem is that as it grows its harder to control
    and eventually will create a shock to everyone involved. How do you tone
    down the hype when that is part of the model and why it grows so fast?
    There is no easy answer to this mess because at the heart of it all is the
    lure of easy money. The products in these mlm scams are all over hyped and
    expensive…exactly what you need for everyone to get thier cut and create
    the environment for recruitment. There is no easy way to deal with this
    because it has gotten completely out of control and people are more
    desperate than ever and easily lured in.China will likely either take some
    bribes and let the scam go on putting off future disaster, or try to take
    actions to curb the growth and number of people who end of losing money.
    They could shut down the model but they probably are also wanting a cut of
    the money involved. IT will be interesting to see what they do.

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