I still think it is a pyramid scheme…(Pyramid Scheme Cartoon by Pat Petrini).flv

For all of us in the network marketing industry that have met somebody like this. ­čśë A hilarious cartoon on the misconceptions between network marketing and pyramid scheme.

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  1. iphonefanboy says:

    45plus49.com makes it simple and successful. Pyramid is a cop out phrase…just say yes or no to a great concept.

    I bet more people´╗┐ lose money gambling than in a “pyramid”

  2. MLMsellsSnakeOil says:

    MLM’s nearly always lead to certain loss for new recruits.´╗┐ The founders and a few are at the top of their pyramids of participants are enriched at the´╗┐ expense of a multitude of downline participants, approximately 99% of whom lose money. The sale of products is distributor-driven, not market driven. Most products are sold to new participants to get in on this “ground floor opportunity.” Very few products are´╗┐ sold outside the “business”. One more reason MLM is a Pyramid Scheme.

  3. MLMsellsSnakeOil says:

    Research, w/ worldwide feedback, says that the more a person invests in an MLM the more they lose — which is true of any scam. Committed MLM participants may invest thousands, and even´╗┐ tens of thousands´╗┐ of dollars, over years before running out of cash or giving up. In legitimate companies, sales reps are not asked to buy inventory or monthly purchases. But in MLM, incentivized purchases are merely disguised or laundered investments´╗┐ in a product-based pyramid scheme.

  4. VirginiaEarl says:

    Too funny!! LOL The pyramid trauma…. I guess if we close down all the pyramids … we would have to throw away´╗┐ the keys because the world come to a standstill.

  5. julian711 says:

    incompetent´╗┐ moron!

  6. julian711 says:

    incompitent´╗┐ moron!

  7. foster2367 says:

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  8. DKinNZ says:

    LOL it is hilarious that people still think exactly as the video shows…. Love it!!
    Saw the original longer version a while ago … LMAO then .. & again .. Cheers! ­čÖé
    Pyramid is such a dirty word´╗┐ !… NOT.. It is a shape! LOL

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