I See Demons

Can you guess what this video is a parody of? I’ll give you three hints “L”, “Book” & “Light” 🙂 Feel free to spoil it in the comments!!! 😀 Social Network Me Facebook: facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com MySpace: myspace.com All My Channels Onision – youtube.com OnisionSpeaks – youtube.com OnisionEncore – youtube.com OnisionArchive – youtube.com More Cool Stuff Onision Blog – onision.com Onision Forums – http Onision Shirts – onision.net Onision Music – onision.net
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. SuperPinkRaspberry says:

    WTF LMAO :’D

  2. adamojard says:

    Omg so funny

  3. TheDrugChildx says:

    Cyr looks like Anthony from Sweeney Todd.

  4. mayonakasymphony says:

    another reason why you should NEVER pick up a death note lol

  5. RandomFunStuff101 says:

    0:55 LMFAO.

  6. SakuraMoonflower says:

    Deathnote. Nice. <3

  7. HyperBunnyOfDoom says:

    hee hee, death note!

  8. Saph58 says:

    pause at 1:03 …….:D

  9. pecaluomae says:

    shinigami ♥ bleach 😀

  10. hendeymoira says:


    I Died 100000x’s.

  11. videolover451 says:

    Cyr’s face at 0:43 = PRICELESS

  12. Meganpey says:

    REmake of deathnote?

  13. MusicalMalea says:

    Oh my gosh DEATHNOTE!! I -3 deathnote!

  14. SkillofComedy says:

    0:54-1:05 squeaky toy

  15. kittycatattacksu says:

    Cyr is a lefty?

  16. nickylm12345 says:

    Watashi wa kiradesu

  17. amzie345 says:

    DEATHNOTE!!!!!! love this vid -3

  18. NoCommentKaela says:


  19. zwelon says:


  20. IvianTRWC says:

    Lol death note!-.-

  21. jordanparshallabc says:

    I laughed soooo hard when I watched this

  22. ferrofever2 says:

    THUMSUP IF U WATCHED THIS ON THE IPOD I YOU WANTED TO “click to kill this deamon”

  23. killjoy12121212 says:

    Death Note

  24. legendsendure says:

    Lol :55-1:05 hilarious

  25. ecatgirleep says:

    DEATH NOTE!!!!

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