I HATE INTERNET/Social Networking Sites

A little obscene language and yes I apologise for using F word I don’t use it in my life but have to for this video so I am sorry if anyone felt bad.
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  1. 13reanna13aker says:

    You are seriously hilarious. Loved your model video too. It was pretty
    awesome… =) 

  2. Lesly Jones says:

    turn the gain down on your audio and that should elminate some of the white
    noise 🙂 and like they said down below add a little color in the background
    otherwise keep up the work

  3. Parker J says:

    Some poster boards (like kind of a back drop) in the back would also be
    awesome! Keep making videos! :)

  4. Parker J says:

    Your videos would be much better if you had better audio/sound.

  5. Hansol says:

    haha nice intro

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