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  1. soonnic says:

    awkward moment when your armpit hair is as long as the hair on your head

  2. rumbim says:

    I like how Hitch paused when you asked him to show his haircut 🙂 What a cutie!

  3. XoXoMaKaylaLuvvXoXo says:

    what kind of dog is tht?

  4. Silvia Lee says:

    haha its so funny how cutting that much off of girls’ hair would just be a trim but for guys its like a big change 😛

  5. kelsey barrett says:

    god he is so hot…

  6. pinky23ile says:

    -maybe he’s grandfather’s brother? lol

  7. aimeeleighxxx says:

    blatantly obvious statement but you are lush.

  8. alanapurple1499 says:

    I know they aren’t dating anymore but still, if i were to date a guy then all of a sudden find out he was gay it would make me feel a little awkward ..but its not a big deal cause he’s probably not even gay


    Uhm, they aren’t together anymore, so I don’t think she would care.

  10. alanapurple1499 says:

    i meant if he were to turn out gay

  11. HIHHULIHEIHH says:

    Why would Blair care?

  12. alanapurple1499 says:

    lol poor poor Blair…

  13. LalaJanee1 says:


  14. Andrea Martinez says:

    Noo he isntt v_v

  15. sleepypeople says:

    I think hes trying to be like joey…

  16. LouisvuPanda says:

    OMG you do look like Zayn Malik’s and Justin Bieber’s baby!! Swayer Malik or Swayer Bieber?

  17. polkadots424 says:

    awkward how he totally stole joeys grandfather voice….D:

  18. XXJuicyMaria24XX says:

    or he could have just like how it looked and joey and got it too…….it looks really good sawyer!

  19. frAnkie252473 says:

    looks like joeys haircut…

  20. danceebebe2sbb says:


  21. Ashchethem says:

    I’m pretty sure they broke up.

  22. MsMethods101 says:

    That is some gorgeous hair 🙂

  23. marebear955 says:

    lol no luke is 🙂

  24. Anna Hole says:

    They broke up a long time ago ..

  25. flyinpigsNcows says:

    he’s dating juicy star 🙂 isnt he?

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