Hurted – Mikey and Katie Cash

Redone did it better than Johnny himself!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. whooper pooper says:

    yeah dude!!! thats me

  2. sbo1111 says:

    Are you actually the fugly guy in the video ? learn how to play guitar before you upload a video idiot ?

  3. katelinwhoaaa says:

    Haha. Our voices are like a symphony of a thousand angels.
    &yur guitar playing is, not sure, but pre’ swelll.

  4. sk8erfreak4yall says:

    rofl its so cool you guys did this just they way the did old DUBED version of chinese movies where the character talks so much but their lips dont move at all AWESOME! lol

  5. whooper pooper says:

    youtube messed up the video. the film is faster than the audio?

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