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Read the full article on our blog 4C Business Cloud – tinyurl.com Resources Social Media Examiner – tinyurl.com comScore – www.comscore.com Intention: Help your business win on the web with Cloud, Internet, SEO and Social Media Technologies 1) Get your head wrapped around social media & the internet 2) Be careful who you take counsel from and your time 3) Focus on the top two or three areas that will grow your business 4) Systematize every aspect of your business to save time (time=money) Questions answered: Is social media a fad? Take Homes: Engage consumers where they are For more information on cloud, internet, social media and web technologies subscribe to our blog or RSS feed. 4C’s RazorSharpNetworks will deliver videos each week to your email box. Remember to “Like” our Facebook Page for a special 4 Part video series on “Digital Media & Content Creation!” Transcript: Good Morning, my name is Jesse Razo with 4C Communications RazorSharp Networks. This is the first of many fully optimize video blogs, what we will be doing sharing our experience with you in regards to how well video work for our company and also give you instructions on how you can implement digital media in your organization, but that’s not what this blog is about. This blog is about “60 Seconds to SEO and Social Media Superstardom” what we are doing is taking all the information we gathered over the past week, chop it up and give it to you in 60 seconds or less. This is about your business and
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