How’s It Made !!

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  1. xolilclough17ox says:

    how silly string is made or how silly putty is made

  2. iFidelGonzalez says:


  3. BeautySmarts07 says:

    I love that show!!

  4. cookiemeister4 says:

    I feel like How Paints are Made would be really cool. :3

  5. sherrib2011 says:

    How in the heck do they make chalk boards and dry erase boards?

  6. kinzfluvsdance says:

    First @kings5755 you for got to capitalize the G in God and yes it is a big deal to me

    Second I would like to see how i pods or phones or I pads or any apple product

    Third my fav one is where they make point shoes cuz I’m a dancer

  7. kings5755 says:

    how god is made

  8. BaxterGracie says:

    how yogurt is made

  9. cutiepie82301 says:

    nail polish

  10. hbilquist says:

    I would like to watch how they make spray cheese weird but knowledgeable!

  11. winni8220 says:

    The Univers… That would clear up a lot 😀

  12. iKidForever says:

    I used to like that show then it got boring cuz I’d see the same thing be made over and over but I guess I’d like to see how DSLR image sensors are made.

  13. katysary says:

    id like to know how cd’s are made

  14. jillians1999 says:


  15. ImLikeJoking says:

    how babies are made! ……… oh sorry it just got awkward…..

  16. rachellovesmakeupp says:

    A time machine! 🙂

  17. lovepinkshimmer says:

    how “how its made” is made

  18. beautyqueenboehme says:


  19. russianangel09 says:

    omg i LOVE watching how its made! :D

  20. BeautyAdz06 says:

    Mirrors and glass!

  21. IamTaylorH says:

    how the team sawyer shirt is made;] jk. um…I guess it would be pretty cool to see how marketing and propaganda and memorabilia was made for classic rock back in the day…theres a lot of cool stuff and that’d be pretty neat.

  22. provon1 says:

    Way to advertise the team sawyer shirt.

  23. Lindsaybear25 says:

    McDonald’s Food!

  24. erinsbieberlicious says:

    Eye shadow

  25. Alyscola says:

    Crystal Clock Oscillator 🙂 nice cideo

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