How We Doubled Sales Conversions Overnight… Magnetic Sponsoring

www.magneticsponsoring.com mike dillard reveals a little known technique you can use right now, that doubled sales conversions of his online products, Magnetic Sponsoring, and Building On A Budget!

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  1. randyreekmkt says:

    Great Mike!
    Exit popups are irritating – but proven effective!!!
    Randy Reek

  2. divabikinis says:

    FHTM tries to wiggle out of legal action from DUPONT!

    FHTM is no longer authorized to use the DuPont name, logo, or trademark in any way. FHTM should immediately discontinue the use of any materials containing the DuPont logo. Our right to use DuPont’s name, logo and trademark was revoked because FHTM abused the system …by creating and distributing unapproved marketing materials that displayed the DuPont logo.

  3. korvix says:

    Yep, ExPop software is AMAZING.

    Offer Free Trials, Discounts, Ask For Feedbacks so you can fix your sales letter.

    I remember a case study when a guy selling cable descramblers online, put an exit pop that was asking for the #1 reason they didn’t buy. And 90% said: I don’t think it’s illegal.

    Guess what he does ? he adds 100% Legal trust seals and hammers it out on his sales letter and conversions triple.

    If you don’t have an exit hover ad for something, you’re LOSING MONEY.

  4. OnlineMktgConsultant says:

    Hi Mike:

    This video is incredible. Actually that’s exactly what we use with our marketing system except that we do charge 1dollard but the trial is for 14 days. I think you should let people really test the products, so they can make an educated decision.

    I love this,

  5. shertzog87 says:

    People that are ‘stealing’ it are the ones that will never do anything with it anyway – the ones that actually read and use it will end up being monthly subscribers, buying your other products as well – can’t really see any downside!

  6. jpkingdrdownline says:

    Actually If You Want To Build One Yourself You Have To Search For “Exit Pop-Up” -JP

  7. jpkingdrdownline says:

    Hey Mike It Is Called A Light Box & Yours Looks Great!

    – JP King

  8. Adil Amarsi says:

    Hey Mike, this is an awesome vid. I agree people do steal.
    But i guess it’s worth the risk!
    Please keep the vids coming :)

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