How To Use Keyword Research Tool To Optimize Your Blog?

How To Use Keyword Research Tool To Optimize Your Blog?

Article by Anik Singal

Today`s subject is Your Blog. Do you have a blog? If this is the situation then you should be using Google Ad words Keyword tool or any keyword research tool before you write the subject line of your blog post. I assumed that you are not because I have talked to a lot of people out there that are not. It’s a fact that I included. I’m going definitely going to get a lot better about this even on this blog. Here is the short tip from me.

If you have a new idea in your mind about what you want to write about go to Google Ad words keywords research tool. It’s absolutely free. Type your keyword in. So if today my video is all about Google Ad words Keyword tool I will type that in. and what you want to really look for is a few things. After you have entered that in just check out how many people are searching for that topic. You may be talking about something that no one may be interested in. So your first have to find out how many people are out there that are actually reading this kind of stuff.

Second thing is how quickly you can get that post at the top of Google for free search engine traffic. This is what I will do, I will grab a keyword which is a three or a four word phrase that has at least 5000 to 15000 searches on it. If I got something with 15000 searches that would be brilliant. I need to look for that little bar on Google which shows how competitive something is and I look for it to be in the middle range. I want it to be less competitive. If it is very competitive it’s probably not best keyword to go after on my blog. But I will still grab the keyword, open a new browser, go to Google and I will type the keyword in with quotes on each side. It`s important for you to do that.

If the keyword that I was using was Anik Singal, I won’t just go to the search bar and type Anik Singal. Anik Singal will be put with quotes around it. It’s going to show me a search result back. It will display on screen all the pages that Google has indexes and numbers that say one of 58000 results. That means Google has 58000 pages indexed where my name shows up together as Anik Singal.

Now in this situation I am looking for having myself in a place where I only have few competitors, nothing above 150000 or 200000. But what I am looking to do is find a keyword that has a couple of thousand searches per month on it. Mention it in your subject line; put that in your first part of the blog title. Somehow bring it to the first place. Use it a couple of times in your post, put a tagged image in the post, so that images name is that keyword. As long as your blog is live and functional for some time and Google is ok with it, watch how quickly you rank for that keyword without doing anything. Believe me this is a very powerful tip. Use your blog cautiously and make is so that every post you do is keyword friendly.

Now I understand that you don’t want to go after keywords that only get 2000 searches a month. Stay on the same page with me. Think if you made a hundred posts over the course of a few months using this strategy, you are now looking at targeting in an easy and in an uncompetitive way 200000 searches a month. These searches are very precise because they are only 3 or 4 word phrases. So you are alluring purely targeted visitors and especially you are selling products on those pages or on those reviews or on those blog posts. You are getting the best traffic. It does take time, it’s not instant success. It will enhance the efficiency of your current work tenfold. So use a keyword research tool and be aware what you are actually going after

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