How To Use Facebook For Your MLM Business

www.michaeltmak.com How do you effectively use Facebook to market your MLM business opportunity? Given many network marketers are doing it all wrong, it’s worth understanding how to do it correctly. Being one of the most trafficked websites on the internet, Facebook is potentially an abundant source for MLM Leads for any home business owner. However, it’s important to realize that Facebook is a social media and networking platform, and your emphasis, when marketing your MLM business on Facebook, is to connect with people and socialize with them. There is so much potential in using Facebook for your MLM business…. 1. You can drive traffic to your blog 2. You can quickly and easily spin a profitable social web. 3. You can turn a cold market into warm leads and sponsor as many as 1 to 3 reps a week, without putting in a vast amount of time every day. 4. You can have your MLM team duplicate and achieve the same results you are having. Most MLM business owners however, are not taking advantage of this massive potential. They are merely killing their chances of success by spamming anyone and everyone who will accept their friend request. To find success with marketing your MLM Business on Facebook, you need to: 1. Understand that you are on a social networking platform, and act accordingly 2. Have a compelling profile that would attract your potential prospect (not a sales pitch) 3. Connect with as many people as possible from your target market, and get to know them and find
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