How to Transform “Challenges” Into Power

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  1. payencath says:

    Thank you Katie as this video came to me from the univers as I try and accept first off certain emotions, as I really do need to get off the merry go round !!! and let myself be guided by my ‘gut feelings’ into the future
    I shall certainly let you know how this progresses
    hi to everyone out there & listen to what katie is saying
    Catherine PAYEN

  2. AirTrio says:

    Now this video of yours is good. You’re on the right track here.

  3. pervizali says:

    Thanks Katie. Once again…great video :) keep it coming!

  4. mysuccessguru says:

    Totally Agree with what you said. I believe in positive thinking and taking action Drew Berman

  5. 24caratblack says:

    Your always very positive. Good for you and thanks for sharing. Glad that the accident was not to serious and that you are recovered well. I have had great cause recently to be challenged in many areas of my life particularly work and trying to balance that with family. I believe that I have grown as a result but have a long way to go before I can feel in control of the situation. Nice to reflect on Personal Power once again and kick my problems into touch.

  6. tyroneshum says:

    Hey Katie,

    Great points. I’ve always believed that these challenges are really part of the learning areas of our lives that are teaching us how we should treat life better and it’s true, experience makes us grow more with the positive mindset. The more we experience, the more we work things out and find solutions.

  7. adambalhetchet says:

    wow your adorable

  8. hfrink says:

    Great to see you again! I was wondering where you were? Loved the message and video. BTW, you look as beautiful as you always do…..actually, is your hair different? Keep the great content coming. Love it 🙂 Oh yeah, I will be signing up for your tribe syndication soon. Can’t wait.

  9. 17berk says:

    Thank you Katie, you are like an Angel that tells me, hey wake up! live!

  10. PictureForce says:

    Hi Katie. I belonged to a group that was in agreement that any and all accidents or misfortunes or mishaps etc.. had as an underlying basis a personality in one’s life that was invalidating or “suppressing” one’s intentions or purpose in life in all cases. When I learned this information so may years ago I experienced time after time the exact correlation between me receiving an invalidation or opposition from this person or persons and I would have an accident or stub my…

  11. buffelting says:

    Thanks for your inspiring message about turning challenges into Power!
    My mind is working along the exact same pathways.
    Grateful as always!

  12. DIDJAH8 says:

    Wonderful Katie, wonderful message!!!
    With Light, Love and Peace, what else???

  13. ReapeR88666 says:

    you know, this video is so poweruping you don’t even know
    thanks :*

  14. folly4444 says:

    what i’ve learned in my challenges is that it always showed me how my limit’g perceptions created difficult situations & false perceptions that created blockages in my body & manifested as health issues. once i identified the perception that i was hold’g subconsciously, it helped me to overcome the “obstacles”. the mind’s perceptions can get us into alot of difficulty. so in that sense, we do create all of the difficulties in our lives. there’s no one else to blame. surrender’g really works.

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