How to start a clothing line for less than $20

Learn how to start a clothing line on a budget of just or less! Here’s the links I talk about in the video… Open your facebook store here: www.payvment.com Open your paypal account here: www.paypal.com Name your facebook url: www.facebook.com Get free business cards: www.vistaprint.com Social networking sites: www.facebook.com http www.linkedin.com (professional network site) http (free blog) Five Steps: 1. Come up with your clothing line’s name: FREE 2. Shop cheap and free: Free – 3. Create a website store: FREE 4. Get 250 business cards: for shipping 5. Promote & Market: FREE

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  1. deadcell1 says:

    She looks promiscuous.

  2. heromanbunny says:

    Do you need a biz license if your biz starts exclusively online?

  3. Anthony Schiro says:


  4. G Brown says:

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  5. jmuggem says:

    You’re so fine!

  6. jmuggem says:

    I came here for educational purposes but I lost focus after the first 5 seconds! You’re so beautiful omg & I can tell you have a great body 

  7. bluesun2001 says:

    cute cats!! are there 3?

  8. TheRealYoungdragon says:

    i saw you on pornhub

  9. StonerMusikONLY says:

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  10. Hard2killification says:

    Yes, beautiful eyes , now to the point lol

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    she has beautiful eyes….& a cute smile… i kind of lost the point of why i clicked on to this….lol. thanks for the tips and info,could be real helpful later…maybe not for clothing but still resourceful… 😛

  12. irma56274 says:


  13. DarthNihilus863 says:


  14. Dorian Worrell says:

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  15. saltusg says:

    she’s very energetic…I like it!

  16. MegaMpek says:

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  17. GABRIEL DAVIS says:

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  19. TheLondonCyclist says:

    Wow, you’re beautiful.

  20. BadBoyzz007 says:

    Girl…I Liked you very very much you just gave me an idea even you don’t know what it is it about…I love you so much and for sure you are so beautiful girl…

  21. max FIRMIN says:

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  22. Obie Smith says:

    Hey i really like your channel. There is a wealth of knowledge to learn from you. I just subscribed to you, please subscribe back. Thanks..

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  24. Sammie Skye says:

    thank you! 😀

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