How to spot legitimate multi-level marketing plans

How to spot legitimate multi-level marketing plans

Article by Terez Dunn

Despite the controversies that multi-level marketing in the country went through the past years, companies that do legitimate marketing plans have enjoyed continued success. This is perhaps because of how multi-level marketing has tailor-fitted its operations to the changing times and the burgeoning technology. More and more companies, in fact, have started to see just how better a multi-level marketing business model is compared to the archaic business models that companies have now.

But before you get into a multi-level marketing company, make sure that you know just what it entails. You see, because of its success in the past, the multi-level marketing business model has been used by scam artists to rob people of their money. I am sure you have heard of pyramid scams. This is the model that they used to create this elaborate business structures. But unlike legitimate multi-level marketing companies with legitimate marketing plans, pyramid scams do not have the product nor the company to back them up. All they have is a set-up that is meant to fool the unwise. After getting all the money and recruiting members, they will close shop and move on to their next scam plans.But how do you distinguish a legitimate multi-level marketing plan from a pyramid scam? You know, it is actually quite easy when you think about it. You just need to keep your mind open and ask a lot of questions. Sometimes it is good to be doubtful and dubious especially in dealing with business.

Below, you will find some of the ways you can spot legitimate multi-level marketing plans.

1. The Company Before you put your money into a company, make sure that you have already done a background check on it. Asking for their address, office number and website does not constitute as background check. Neither does going to their office for a visit or logging on to their website. For scam artists, it is relatively easy to set up shop in a small office and to make websites for them. Anyone can do this so don

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