How to Put Together a Scentsy Recruiting Packet.

Ever wonder what to put into a Scentsy Recruiting Packet? http://beccalevie.scentsy.us Becca Levie Scentsy Independent Super Star Director and Founders Circl…
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  1. Becca Levie says:

    They are on our team tools website if you are in my group : )

  2. Debbie Pitts Palmer says:

    Thank you Becca….You totally Rock!

  3. Carol Gold says:

    Thank You Becca!

  4. Becca Levie says:

    It’s on the team tools website Jill. If you can’t find it email Rebecca at
    the office email

  5. vmvilla84 says:

    The spotlight stories are an awesome idea! I have been thinking about what
    to put in a recruiting packet! May I ask where you get the spotlight
    stories from?

  6. Becca Levie says:

    They are Spotlights we have done about our Scentsy Family ie. people in my
    Scentsy Group.

  7. Jill McCarthy says:

    Becca, do you have your earning potential sheet somewhere that we can have?

  8. Becca Levie says:

    Your so welcome! Glad you liked it:)

  9. Crystal Robinson says:

    Are you in front of a mirror? The words are backwards 🙂

  10. Ann Koretz says:

    I also put in a mini packet of Red Hots candy with a sticker that says “My
    Scentsy business is Red Hot”

  11. Denise Logan says:

    I was working as a cashier at Wal-Mart and a guy in a suit pitched me on
    this opportunity. I pulled out my credit card and signed up the next day. I
    actually pitched 200 random customers a day while I was working at Wal-Mart
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