How to Protect Kids Safe on Social Networking Sites

How to Protect Kids Safe on Social Networking Sites

Kids Can Use Social Networking Sites to:

1. Chat

2. Play games

3. Post and browse through photos and videos

4. Blog

5. Post an online profile

Unfortunately, some of the information kids post on their pages can also make them vulnerable to phishing scams, cyberbullying, and Internet predators. Here are several ways you can help your kids can use social websites more safely.

Protect Kids Safe on Social Networking Sites

Communicate with your children about their experiences: Encourage your children to tell you if something they encounter on one of these sites makes them feel anxious, uncomfortable or threatened. Stay calm and remind your kids they are not in trouble for bringing something to your attention. Let them know you will work with them to help resolve the situation for a positive outcome.

Know what your kids posted about yourself: A common way that hackers break into financial or other accounts is by clicking the “Forgot your password?” link on the account login page. To break into your account, they search for the answers to your security questions, such as your birthday, home town, high school class, or mother’s middle name. If the site allows, make up your own password questions, and don’t draw them from material anyone could find with a quick search.


Educate yourself about the site: Evaluate the sites that your child plans to use and make sure both you and your child understand the privacy policy and the code of conduct. Find out if the site monitors content that people post. Also, review your child’s page periodically.

Use SurveilStar Any Parental Control to Protect Kids Safe on Social Networking Sites

For parents can not watch kids all the time while they are surfing on Internet. So it is necessary to install parental control software to make sure kids’ online safety. SurveilStar Social Networking Monitoring Software(http://www.any-parental-control.com/) can monitor kids’ online activities on social networking sites and their chatting messages. With this Social Networking Monitoring Software, parents don’t have to physically access kids’ computers in order to see the recorded data for it can remotely monitor student computer activity with our innovative web based interface. SurveilStar Social Networking Monitoring Software features the following:

Easy to use and install

Run in a stealthy and stable mode

Take Screenshot in Real-time

Monitor and Record All Websites Visited

Block In Appropriate or Unwanted Websites

Monitor All Sent & Received Emails

Password Protection to Make Sure You Are the Only Authorized Person

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