How To Profit Off People Who Say NO To Your MLM…

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  1. royariel says:

    I enjoyed your video.

  2. Climb2win says:

    I am the worst recruiter ever and I just put over 60 new people into my downline last month without talking to a single person using The Instant Downline. Check out the link in my channel.

  3. SuccessWithRandy says:

    You’re right, Katie!
    Success leaves clues. Smart people will follow the leaders that have blazed the same trail they want to follow.
    Your success is a testament to this principle, and now you are a true leader, as well!

  4. 3dsmaxmaster says:

    Have you people noticed that there is never a big hairy ugly bloke doing these videos lol!?

  5. MrOvidox says:

    how about u get proper job flipping burgers like all other honest hard working people you jewish lover ..or better still come down under and love my lolli pop

  6. Keith Jackson says:

    sorry i don’t get it maybe you can come and show me lol, your hot lol

  7. jayforrester123 says:

    shush rick

  8. Dmitriy Kozlov says:

    JB’s system is awesome 🙂

  9. mentorkenneo says:

    Thanks Katie for an excellent video on the benefits of Jonathan Budd’s Mastermind system.
    It truly is a powerful way to build relationships and market in a responsible way while building your list.

  10. belvoir08 says:

    Hi Katie, just to say loved your Vid..and wish you all success I am a recent convert to the Funded Proposal System so I can verify what you say as true.

  11. nafat1 says:

    duuh but with the mastermind system u have the best off the best it converts like crazy u can make residual income and u have a full marketing funnel a milionaire like mr Budd uses and they have training videos about getting traffic to youre website plus they have a communeti u can learn from. i think the mastermind is great. good video

  12. Mark14mayBUSINESS says:

    I have the mastermind system but i must say its really not hard to make a website using adobe dreamweaver an host it… You dont need to know anything about coding.

  13. rickhawk27 says:

    Thanks for the video Katie, informative. However, one does not profit “off” other people, one profits “from” other people. Professionalism means proper grammar.

  14. Markisagoodboy says:

    not many chicks like that in Abergavenny, I can tell you!

  15. tonylui28 says:

    hey thanks 4 the tips
    will be helpful in the future

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