How To Post A Video Response On YouTube for more Traffic – 2011

DereckCelis.com – New VIDEO Coming soon…. How To Post A Video Response On YouTube for more traffic – video above! —————–ADDED THIS 8th August 2011——————————- Guys, I have tested this out just now (8-August-2011) and it definitely still works! So, I’ve checked it on Mozilla Firefox, IE7, IE8, Google Chrome and Opera – and I promise you it still works… Quick few things to check * Were you logged in? did you ‘click’ in the comment box? If you do exactly what I show in the Video, it works! * Have you tried using different videos as a response? Could it be that you have responded too many times with that one video!? * It could be that Video Responses have BEEN DISABLED for that Video! (which is down to the Youtube Channel owner of that video… sometimes they get too many responses, then disable it!) – I get so many that are not relevant that I have to say no to most! * Failing all this, try a friends account with there gmail address just to see if it is your account or not? * LAST resort – if you haven’t got access to another account or gmail – you;ll have to try contacting YOUTUBE – But may be hard to get a response!! Hope that helps, but I, and lots of others are still posting video responses! Dereck ­čÖé ps Now… if you haven’t ‘SUBSCRIBED’ and Friended my channel you should do so!! ­čÖé —————————————————————————————– Creating a Video response to a highly trafficked video can give

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  1. Dereck Celis says:

    Hmmm not sure on that one. There might be settings on the Video or account that you posted it to as each video can have different settings´╗┐ applied individually!

  2. Berry Bubbles says:

    Thanx´╗┐ dude

  3. y0DLTN says:

    Helped out alot´╗┐ thanks ­čÖé

  4. RealDeadOne666 says:

    Hi. I added a video respond to some popular videos. it says´╗┐ “you have completed you video response successfully”, then i clicked “return to original video” ‘looked for my response and couldn’t see it on any of the comments page. why’s that?

  5. Mamun Khangsb says:

    it is a best video for do income´╗┐ in online

  6. Ukraine732 says:

    nice vid. i’m gonna try this´╗┐

  7. Dereck Celis says:

    Not sure… But it’s possible that rules have changed and now it could be restricted to one video per account?! But you’d need to check with YouTube´╗┐ themselves…. maybe on their Help section somewhere!

  8. Dereck Celis says:

    Hi mate,
    This is a strange one… I had heard of it before but have not done it myself so cannot comment! But I would SAY that it’s quite possible that YouT have either
    a) Added a restriction to stop spammers (not saying you, but others kill-it with spamming Video responses to get more views, which now makes it hard for everyone else!) ­čÖü
    b) Some YouTb’ers’ are putting a lots of different Video Responses out there from their accounts and YT are´╗┐ probably restricting their Accounts!?

  9. Gledison Fonseca says:

    hey mate! nice video! i have a question, once i have my video posted as a response´╗┐ to other video, somehow, if i add my video again as a response to other video, my previous responses disapears…any solution? thanks man

  10. SuperBluLotus says:

    how many times you can post the same video to different videos or channel?I mean, how´╗┐ does it work?plz help……..

  11. MUMS007 says:

    No kidding Derek.
    You are definetly cool to be doing this stuff for others. I just had to show my daughter who is always´╗┐ on the laptop , everywhere. Her eyes lit up & said wow I didn’t know that, she smiled , laughed & was off and clicking

  12. ranjamusic says:

    Thank you very much for´╗┐ the tips, Dereck.

  13. YouMotherIsAwsome says:

    After being on YouTube for a few months I know how much hate kids get. but I know some some of you are nice people. My dream is to be a film maker but I don’t have $ to get into film school, I have only recently been getting more views and this means a lot, but I’m never going to get noticed with these numbers:/ If sombody would have the heart just to give me a tumbs up and spend all of 30 seconds watching a vid,´╗┐ it woud mean the world!!!!! Thank you all!!

  14. 3dnoble says:


  15. aPIMPnameMOSES says:

    thanks man, cant believe i missed that´╗┐

  16. gamesethcrazy says:

    great tips and fantastic background music,´╗┐ thanks!

  17. Dereck Celis says:

    – Hi, as far as I knew´╗┐ you can definitely POST it to more than one video, but not sure what the limit is?! Have you tried searching youtube help?

  18. Dereck Celis says:

    – It should now be below, have you tried to see if you can post on different videos? I have just checked now, and I´╗┐ can see the ‘Video response’ option for the 5 videos I just checked!
    just careful NOT to post the SAME video too many times, otherwise YOUTUBE ‘might’ stop you adding that video or videos! Google own Youtube and Google can be strict on some of these things…. Just a thought! Hope that helps… ­čÖé

  19. Dereck Celis says:

    – 3-Dec-11 well well well, some´╗┐ people stil having problems!…. it has changed slightly, but still works for lots of others, me inlcuded! I would contact youtube or look up youtube help if you cannot see it!! I can see all of them and I have just checked 5 videos to post reponses too!

  20. THEKOOLCOW says:

    thumbs up if you paused´╗┐ it to look for create a video response

  21. JimmyRayhere says:

    Sweet there it is. I have been looking for´╗┐ the Post a Video response forever. They changed it and I never noticed it to the right of this box. Thank you thank you thank you so much. They took the old Post a video response away. You are the greatest man thank you thank you thank you.

  22. Np4uGriZzLy says:

    Thanks man im gonna´╗┐ subscribe

  23. stephaneblu says:

    hey mate, is´╗┐ there a way to actually add a URL in the Video player?

  24. S1MNICITY says:


  25. meawesome123ful says:


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