How To Overcome The Trap Of “Perfectionism”

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  1. freegg888 says:

    YOu are absolutely adorable.

  2. kslab28 says:

    WOW – by saying thank you for my imperfections it is like a HUGE weight is lifted off of my shoulders. Now i just have to do it consistently. Thank you!!!

  3. 3rd8th1965 says:

    I really would like to listen what you have to say, but your voice so frickin’ annoying 🙁

  4. asemicolonuk says:

    wow….i cannot believe how much ive been holding myself back – but I can’t get out of being a perfectionist and it is in eveything I try to do. I am held back so much because I am too scared to start anything incase I fail.

  5. virtuoso9866 says:

    I would like to add one more point: A lot of gay men struggle with perfection in their daily lives. We often realize the shame society places on our sexuality, and we try to compensate by “perfecting” everything else in our lives, “If I’m so perfect, you won’t see these other pieces of myself.” In reality, we need to have some compassion and acceptance that those pieces of ourselves are beautiful and make us unique. Thank you, Katie, for reminding me we’re all flawed and that’s good enough.

  6. gianblaster says:

    Ur sooo right girl! All I wanted in my life is to be accepted in school that’s why I decided to be a perfectionist to get all the respects that I deserve!

  7. cameronellsworth says:

    After like two minutes I’ve decided I’m in love…please be my facebook friend beautiful Katie! 🙂 Cameron Ellsworth

  8. CarlBank250 says:

    Katie, you might not be perfect, but your pretty perfect.

  9. Emmarlone96 says:

    Thank very much, Katie!

  10. nomnombubbles says:

    This video has made three important points that have inspired me: first, that we must be focused on our efforts to reach goals and creatively open-minded with the results, whether they match up to the goal or not; second, that all of us, as humans, are the same BECAUSE we are all so equally different, and vice versa; and third, that our world will always be perfect because our powers are balanced by our flaws. Beautiful!! 😀 Thank you, Katie!

  11. nathkocansu says:

    ıts great to be perfect and unperfect .. ı love paradoxes:))

  12. paver7777 says:

    such good information.without taking risks nothing happens and it is this perfectionism which is at the heart of it all..thankyou for this information at last know how this this is affecting my life.

  13. bebipin1957 says:

    I admit your honor, I forgot to keep a charged battery in from this get go. Progress, not perfection.

  14. philinmotion says:

    This has a lot to do with what I learned (and am still learning) in the last year or two. That was very well articulated. I’m actually on a “mission” to open up more and share more of who I am with the world. I’d like to actually start a business, kind of like what you are doing. I see that what has kept me from doin’ it is pretty much linked up with what is discussed here.

  15. PhillLOL says:

    great video. 🙂 I also enjoy that paradox. That the real perfect is actually looking at it as it is instead of ‘trying’ to fit the ideal so we can look at it and have a perfect feeling response to it.

  16. Galvatron60 says:

    You look like the princess out of Enchanted!

  17. 0wenfox says:

    very nice. i shared this and your others on facebook cause i think they’re very helpful to many Katie. thank you, namaste!

    without judging and mind activity, all that is, is simply as it is. so u can fail. thats only a thought. if u make a “mess” of things, u cant without that thought. acceptance of what already is in existence. no problem. all good 🙂

  18. mariomayorale says:

    very interesting video, im very grateful with u because u taka all this time to talk to the us (people) and try to encourege us, u are a special person, about the video i have been thinking something similar recently, my point was who are u trying to become “perfect for”, it’s no to please other it is to please ur self, and u are very right when u say u are perfect just as u are very truthfull , thanks for ur videos i’ll be waiting for more take care ok bless u xD

  19. monicasancio says:

    Love your video as always, Katie, and here you look amazingly perfect in every way: beautiful & soo wise!! I totally agree with your message, and, in my case, by allowing myself not only to not be perfect, but actually trying some activities out of my comfort zone & mastery, I RELEASED the need to please, and gave myself permission to LEARN, not only new SKILLS, but about people´s sometimes violent reactions to what they are used to… Very interesting: it has given me COURAGE!!! Thank you!

  20. zenwalker2009 says:

    I’m perfectly unperfect. Thanks!  🙂

  21. ReapeR88666 says:

    you know, another thing that comes with this, is when you’re happy doing something you get this fear of “ok it’s going good, don’t f this up” and then you loose that happy way of accepting what is and going with it

  22. garsett says:

    You’re very wise for such a young human being. Thanks for your positive messages!

  23. southanjuna says:

    what makes you so sure that you will not be crossed out?

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