How To “Overcome” Feeling Overwhelmed

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  1. 2attractwealth says:

    Really love your video Katie! We have the same mindset and it’s always wonderful to hear like minded people. Love and light! A&G

  2. TheSeekerOfKnowledge says:

    Can you recommend any good read on how to focus, relax and get things done ?

  3. TheSeekerOfKnowledge says:

    I like your NOT DO DO list concept, you shed some lights on some of my problem is that I’m trying to boil all the ocean at once

  4. TheSeekerOfKnowledge says:

    I’m having problem with focus, I run a B2B enterprise shop and I’m totally procrastinating for the last past 3 weeks … pray for me 🙂

  5. DaveHayesMusics says:

    Katie, you rule! I totally hear this. I just went through a process of DE-CIDING that I would focus on 2 to 3 pieces of building my business, and leave the 8 other pieces alone for now, instead of feeling like I have to get to everything at once. What madness, that is! When I take a walk, I look down and I notice I put one foot in front of the other. That is the only way to literally succeed. Doing only a couple of pieces provides focus and clarity. This from an overwhelmaholic. HA! 😉

  6. kristakubie says:

    Thanks for this video, Katie. I was needing a little direction today, and knew right where to look. I can always count on you for great, helpful content. 🙂

  7. MattBlytheTheOne says:

    Overwhlem for me is not so much about how much is going on, it is a feeling that can be debilitating, at least like you say until we take the next step. You will also notice that we have much less of a problem when we are overwhlemed with “good feelings” thanks for sharing and have a good day :))

  8. Marilyn Kay says:

    Thanks, Katie. This helped me to focus rather than feel scattered and overwhelmed.

  9. hnet24 says:

    you are beautiful!!! : )

  10. xaviertorres27 says:

    Thanks Katie! I sort of felt I knew I was on the right track on managing overwhelm (focusing on one strategy only) but just needed reassurance…thanks again!!

  11. DSeanLewis says:

    This is exactly what I needed. After returning from unstoppable millionaire event I have so many ideas. I have decided to just build my website and then add from there. Thanks Katie, will share on Facebook.

  12. Rita Cartwright says:

    Focusing on one item at a time is the best advice I’ve heard. Now which one item will it be is the question. I’m including your video in my newsletter. I think it is valuable info for my subscribers.

    Rita Cartwright, Founder
    RJ’s Internet Marketing Services

  13. Raymond Ansar says:

    Thanks so much Kate. I need to follow up with the idea.


  14. Gints Lakutis says:

    Thank you,Katie!

  15. Aton Maiti says:

    thank you thank you thank you


  16. Aton Maiti says:

    yes yes yes! thank you. exactly what i needed today. =) sharing on facebook…

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