How To Make Social Media Advertising Effective?

How To Make Social Media Advertising Effective?

Article by James Copper

Sales and advertisement are interrelated. An effective sales mechanism accelerates the sale. There are many sales mechanisms such as the print media, the electronic media such as television and of course, the Internet. The Internet is one of the most effective media for advertisement. Even on the Internet, the social media are the most sought after mechanism for implementing an effective advertisement strategy. The uniqueness of social media is that every surfer voluntarily participates in the advertising; he reads, understands and spreads the news about product. While doing so, he gives his opinion and the process continues. However, there are many more ways through which social media can be made more effective and here are some suggestions for it:

Target channel: There are many social media sites like Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook. A shrewd marketer should be able to identify in which social media his product will receive the best response. Then he puts his website in such media so that it reaches the target. In other words, the trader must aim to reach the target. The sales depend on how effectively he has reached the target.

Target user: Having targeted the channel, the next aim is to target the user in the channel. This is one of the most ingenious ways of marketing. Here is the way it is done. For example, a mail is sent to a friend intimating that his dad got him a pair of particular brand of shirt. Now, the manufacturer of shirts targets both the person who sent such a mail and the recipient of the mail. The trader places his advertisement of his brand of shirt in both the mails. So, the trader has targeted both the persons directly. So, either or both of them could possibly buy the brand of shirts that the manufacturer has informed them, the next time they go shopping for clothing. This is more effective than putting the advertisement in the general block where there is likelihood of it being missed. This is a more positive and ingenious way of advertisement.

Type of advertisement: The right types of advertisement are those which are target specific, and are always preferred. The content of the advertisement must have right key words which is free from grammatical and spelling mistakes. It must be precise and clear in content. FAQ that are scientifically formed with unambiguous solutions in additions to the points mentioned above are some of the basic requirements for the advertisement. At the same time, the advertisement must use graphics, images and video in right proportions. Particularly, the videos must use multimedia format so that less time is taken while downloading.

Social networking: Higher ranking is very important in any social media or on the Internet. Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is the deciding factor to ascertain the ranking. Higher the PPC higher is the ranking. At the same time, those who surf always click on such higher ranking firms. Therefore, every trader tries to achieve higher PPC. It is for this reason that firms now vies with one another to achieve higher PPC. They try to integrate social media with social networking and this form of marketing strategy which is now refined. The present marketing principles aims not to miss the target.

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