How to make more sales in MCA using GVO & EZMM

THIS CAPTURE PAGE IS NO LONGER ACTIVE, AND IS NOT BEING USED BY ME ANY LONGER*** Craigslist Training – http://www.craigslistleads.tk GVO Direct – http://t…
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  1. Brittany Foster says:

    the ezmoneymethod website doesn’t work -_- it links to projectpayday so i
    can’t access what your talking about….so…..idk where to go from there.

  2. sapphire reid says:

    Where can i post the capture page links? Craigslist, etc? I dont want to
    get flagged.

  3. Darrin Harper says:

    Will I be able to receive the full amount of payments from the referrals I
    get using my NetSpend card for direct deposits

  4. Stox Bondz says:

    Yes you can, click the link above!

  5. Greg Molina says:

    hi stox do you use facebook groups to promote ezmoneymiethod? or do you use
    fb ads?

  6. Jamar Rutledge says:

    Can you use ezmm on craigslist is there a way to mask the html??

  7. Kelvin Wilson says:

    this is incredible!

  8. Stox Bondz says:

    Thanks Kelvin, hope this helps!

  9. Stox Bondz says:

    Yes you will, you can also use your Netspend for Direct Deposit. I’m also
    a Netspend Card holder!

  10. Stox Bondz says:

    Actually, the EZMM links can be placed in certain cities, but it would time
    to figure out which ones to post in, and you run the risk of getting
    flagged. Check the description, I just added a “Craigslist Training” to
    walk you through everything. However, it is not my course and there is a
    small fee. The guy that created is very successful and the training is

  11. Stox Bondz says:

    GVO is $1 to start and $9.97 monthly, but EZMM is free to use. You can
    register for the system and skip GVO until you have the funds to pay for
    the plan, but its highly recommended for everything to work properly!

  12. Jamar Rutledge says:

    Thanks for replying back I appreciate it.

  13. Darrin Harper says:

    Can I use my NetSpend card to sign up for MCA ?

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