How to Magnetically Attract Women To Kiss You

How to Magnetically Attract Women To Kiss You

Article by Flirt Jerk

Want to know how to magnetically attract women? Well, the following information is for men who aspire to be like a certain Mr. Walter Payton. For all those who fumble when the momentous occasion of locking lips with a beautiful woman is upon themBut don’t beat yourself up about it simply because the art of shifting gears smoothly from talking to kissing is something that is lost on most men today. So if this is you, you aren’t alone, and this article will help you deliver the goods smoother than 007, just when it matters.

Oftentimes, men wait too long for just the right moment, or for the girl to make the first move even though she maybe sending him all “go-ahead” signals. However, waiting for a woman to make the first move is like waiting for the sun to shine in Iceland. If you do get a girl to initiate any form of intimacy, you must either be George Clooney or just plain lucky.

In other words, don’t let go of an opportunity when it comes knocking on your door, pucker up or lose out. So take it upon yourself to make the first move when you get a clear opening and in most cases the girl or should I say her lips will meet yours before you fall off that bar stool.

So, listen up men! Here are the steps you need to take to shift gears when looking to move from talking to kissing:

Any physical contact, from a playful shove to the more intimate holding hands, is okay as a starter. However, the first thing to see to is whether both of you are having a good time, and there has been some amount of touching involved. However, make sure that she has shown some signs of interest before proceeding any further.

Be SUBTLE. This is the mantra for the moment. Slow down the intensity of the interaction after reaching a certain point. Pause between your lines. You might also want to move in a bit closer now.

The one masterpiece, which is guaranteed to bring you success in your pursuit, is staring at her lips. During the pauses in the conversations, stare at her lips. Start diminishing the distance between the two of you. Keep talking, but conversation is now secondary. She will probably not even notice it. Enough sexual tension will have been generated by now.

Make your eyes roam between her mouth and eyes. If she still stays put, then chances are she is as interested as you are. You can physically pull her closer now.

Generally, by now, the deed is done. Her lips are probably just a few inches away. So now that you’ve worked your way into a favorable position, lean slightly forward and wait a few milliseconds for the perfect kiss to begin.

To conclude, keep the aforementioned pointers in mind the next time you find yourself talking to a lady that strikes your fancy and you can do a lot more than to get her to kiss you.

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