How to Get Viral Traffic to Your Blog For Free Without SEO

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  1. Photoshop Helps says:

    Even while giving credit, Google does not look on content theft kindly when
    assign page rankings. This is a lazy way to generate content.

  2. MountainD18 says:

    Okay, 1st let me say, if it says ” free ” in the title, then when I click
    on the link, it shouldn’t ask ” where should we bill you? “.

  3. Julie Dennehy says:

    It seems you are trying to genuinely help bloggers build traffic AND make
    money. Why not just work a little bit more, and create your own content
    instead of taking it from others? Even if you give “credit where credit is
    due,” you should always ask the author for permission to use their content.
    You may want to suggest to your viewers that original content created for
    your bloggers is ideal for building a community in the long term, not just
    optimizing (I mean monetizing) to make money. Right?

  4. GreenSaphir3 says:

    What a stupid idea. You should NEVER plagiarize content. Yes, that means
    copying other bloggers’ original ideas and words. You are a major idiot.

  5. kinzeUK says:

    And you’re incredibly rude. It is NOT ‘plagiarizing’ when you give credit
    AND link back to somebody’s content or work. It is a common known fact that
    a large majority of bloggers, from all backgrounds, often use outsourced
    articles and content or articles that have been paid for or are royalty
    free. I’ve done this myself. Plus, for SEO this doesn’t work as well
    because the content is not yours. But for VIRAL linking this is a great way
    to help bring in traffic

  6. Whitney Black says:

    you’re really cute.

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