How To Get The BEST Concert Tickets

From a Concert Addict who’s experienced One Direction, the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato AND Taylor Swift FRONT ROW: Tips and tricks for grabbing the best seats at a concert from Ticketmaster…

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  1. Cindy CapriSun says:

    Your personality is fantastic omg i love this video!
    Anyways, I want to go to OTRA so bad but rn floor tickets near the stage
    are like $500+ ((ridiculous lol)), if I wait until a few weeks before the
    show, do you think prices will go down to at least around the $200s price

  2. Karlynn Ward says:

    that last tip was really helpful!! Hopefully i can manage to get some close
    floor seats for the one direction concert because im DYING to be close to
    them. Ive always been in the 100’s

  3. Katelynn England says:

    For front row 5sos show is $400 plus tax and you have to have a American
    Express credit card….. My struggle 

  4. haydn kraig Mooklal says:

    thanks to you my daughters wish to see ariana grande is going to come true

  5. Kali Rashkova says:

    Can you give an advice of what to do? So this friday Shawn Mendes’s tickets
    are going on sale at 9am and by this time i’m at school… but if my mom
    buys them, maybe she won’t be so fast to get some of the 1st ones so i can
    actually meet him (first 50 get a meet and greet).. so what should i do?
    Should i skip my 1st lesson in school and help her get them or just hope
    that she can do it

  6. Karla Carbonell says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. I needed this because I’m waiting for One Direction to
    release tour dates for OTRA in Florida and I went to WWA but i didn’t have
    really good floor seats but they were good. If I did end up getting front
    row on presale what price range do you think I would end up having to pay?
    Thanks for all the help.

  7. Idihya Nadia says:

    I would be happy if I feel 1Ds spit when they’re singing hahaha! I’m in
    love with your channel

  8. Suzanne Behar says:

    Hi! So I saw your video for meeting One Direction. I hope I get VIP for
    next year’s tour. I would be able to get the package for $200. Is it
    similar to the one for $350, and do you get to meet the boys? Thanks. :)

  9. Unique Rose Carabajal says:

    Hi. So if you wait you know like two weeks or so before the show, are the
    tickets much cheaper for like the front row? (Srry if u said that in the
    video) And please ASAP.

  10. Melisa Merve Bal says:


  11. Jovana Zandate says:


  12. Sjambok alms Skkdmsk says:


  13. Christina Blackburn says:

    You are a LIFESAVER!!!! thank you so so so so much for this video! you
    just earned yourself a new sub!! (:

  14. Alexandria Llamas says:

    honesly coming from a fellow concert addict myself, your tips are great. i
    know these tips but everyone who aren’t really familiar with the system
    this should be great for you! presales are always my fav because i got vip
    for 5sos, and taylor swift. also vipnation is amazing. i’ve been a
    membership for three years and without them i wouldn’t be able to see one
    direction 10th row, then 4th row, and i wouldnt of got to meet the
    janoskians! never give up on buying tickets guys it does not have to be a

  15. Yasmin Dan says:

    Love your vids. Would you mind checking out some of mine and leave me a
    comment letting me know what you think? 🙂 

  16. Maria Martinez says:

    I went to the same show that you did for WWA, did you get the tickets at
    the actual Rogers Centre? 

  17. Lyndsay Daugherty says:

    Hey Naomi! My friends and I have been looking for OTRA Kansas City tickets
    for a while but are having no luck. Could you help us find any good
    tickets? Loved the video!

  18. TheLoveMMM says:

    Hey! Thank you so much for all your tips but I’ve never been to a concert
    before or bought any tickets anywhere except the movies so I didn’t really
    know what you were talking about or how anything works lol. Can you explain
    some basics or how the seating works and stuff like that? I wanna go to an
    Ariana Grande show in March and when I went on ticket master I found some
    tickets for like $50 but the seats are probably super far away for it to be
    that cheap lol.

  19. Isabella Johnson says:

    I want to get great seats for 1D but there all too expensive 

  20. Thu Nguyen says:

    I bought my tickets for Demi’s concert and first it was a general admission
    flow , but since there was a lot of people that bought the tickets, they
    changed it to seating arrangements. Ticketmaster emailed me to asking if i
    want to change my tickets (general admission floor standing ) to premium
    seating , please let me know which one is better?

  21. klender talapule says:

    Just looking at your comments and how awesome your videos are you’re so
    amazing!! you actually take the time to reply to your fans! amazing<3

  22. ughdaniella says:

    hey Naomi! these are some great tips! im a concert addict too! (TMH and WWA
    and soon to be OTRA for 1d, soon to be 5SOS @ ROWYSO, jonas brothers,
    cheetah girls, miley cyrus, austin mahone, becky g, luke bryan, midnight
    red, and so many others!) i was just wondering how much money do you save
    up for these like front row/VIP bc i know like 1D and Demi are like

  23. Rachel Hood says:

    I bought my tickets for 5sos one year in advance… I’m still on the last

  24. Nichole Bln says:

    Hey girl, for GA tickets, what time would you recommend to go into the
    venue to get the front? 

  25. Chelsea W. says:

    Love the tips! Im planning to go to the ariana grande concert in Atlanta
    next month, but I don’t have a lot to spend. How much did you pay for your
    front row? Im not really looking for front row but just something decent.

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