How To Get Targeted Traffic In Only 5 Minutes

Here’s the simple steps on how to get targeted traffic and visitors to your website using yahoo answer.
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  1. Hoe Phi Van says:

    If you need to get targeted traffic, you should try this software too: ow .ly/egu5w
    copy “ow .ly/egu5w “´╗┐ to browser and delete the space. ­čÖé

  2. biocybernaut says:

    Jaz, sorry mate, but I don’t see how this would drive targeted traffic to´╗┐ my website…please help.

  3. MrBigPoppa43 says:

    This is the traffic´╗┐ course everyone is talking about:

  4. kurthenninger says:

    Good stuff Jaz. Yahoo answers is one of the more untapped resources´╗┐ out there to get traffic from.
    Keep the vids coming.

    Kurt Henninger

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