How To Generate Traffic To Your Website For Free and For Long Term By Working For Just 5 Days?

How To Generate Traffic To Your Website For Free and For Long Term By Working For Just 5 Days?

If you want to know how to generate traffic to your website by working for just 5 days, and continue to enjoy the fruit of your effort for the rest of your life or as long as internet is there, here is the 5-day proven plan which you can use.

Day 1: Write an (or few) article that is related to the problem that your product seeks to resolve. At the end of the article, provide a solution and a link to your website. Then, submit your article to various article directories like EzineArticles, Goarticles etc. If the readers like your article and click on your website link, you’ll get free traffic to your website. That’s how you can generate traffic to your website for free for day 1.

Day 2: Create a keyword rich slide or PowerPoint presentation and upload it to high traffic directories. You can create such slide by using the software/tool available on openoffice.org. Some of the high traffic directories that you can upload your slide or PowerPoint are slideshare.com, scribd.com and docstoc.com. Of course, you must remember to put your website link in the slide or PowerPoint presentation to generate traffic to your website.


Day 3: Create a press release for your product and website and submit it to press release directories. You can create press release by using free software available on ducttapemarketing.com. After that, submit the press release to various directories like PRWeb.com, WebWire.com and PRLog.org. Remember to put your website link on the press release, else, how to generate traffic to your website?

Day 4: Social bookmark all your published content to get more traffic to your website. Social bookmarking allows you to share your contents with the community instantly. There are many social bookmarking sites that give you free web traffic. But to maximize the result at shortest time, submit your site to onlywire.com which reaches out to 43 popular social bookmarking sites at one time.

Day 5: Submit RSS feed and ping your published content and website link. RSS and pinging notifies search engine about your contents and index your website. You can create a RSS feed for any website at feedage.com. You can submit your RSS and ping to submitrss.ezedir.com, pingler.com and pingomatic.com.

There you go! A simple 5 day plan to answer your question of how to generate traffic to your website! What you need is a discipline to set aside about 2-3 hours a day for 5 days to carry out the plan. Easy? I bet so.

But, what if you cannot or not able to set aside the time and want free website traffic like now now? How should you go about it? How to generate traffic to your website immediately? Well, there’s of course a better way.

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