How to generate traffic to your website! basics

Discover several methods to generate traffic to your website! Davidbeking.com http like how everything is backwards? I accidentally wrote everything backwards because I was thinking it would be the right way because of the camera and mirror.. lol… i messed up!
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  1. MrChesh677 says:

    great stuff mate

  2. Christocoop says:

    Writing backwards only works if´╗┐ you where writing on a glass window and we/camera where on the other side of it. lol

  3. TheQuickpicz says:


  4. CrystalConsults says:

    Thanks for the tip on internet trafficking, I thought the backwards writing was a clever approach, even if it wasn’t intentional!

  5. dhoang2 says:


  6. kingdavidb says:

    thanks! I was thinking that writing backwards would be forward because of the mirror… but then after i realized that ohh yeah the text is facing me! lol

  7. dfw73 says:

    Great video. Even with the backwards writing in the mirror you explained everything really well.

  8. nixwebo says:

    Good information, forget the mirror, at least that is what I would do guys, he has some great info, don’t get distracted!

    To Success,

    Nick Simpson

  9. MezzyMezzy says:

    Thanks very informative I appreciate it!!!!!!

  10. kingdavidb says:

    lol… the mirror and camera facing me and the mirror confused me… I figured i’d just upload it! lol

  11. crubini says:

    Hey David, cool idea, but I dont get the writing backwards part? Hehe

  12. larajf says:

    I like how you put things clearly and at an appropriate level. Just enough breadth and depth so anyone could take one area, and work on their website.
    Just a little bit in a variety of areas every day will make a difference.
    Can’t wait to see more.

  13. johngordon says:


    Reminjd me why you had to write backwards … I can’t understand. Surely you are using the mirror as a whiteboard adn it doesn’t need a lateral reversal.

    John Gordon – The Infotainer

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