How to Generate Traffic for Blogs

How to Generate Traffic for Blogs

Article by Javier Anderson Lin

As an owner of a couple of successful blogs, I know how frustratingly difficult it is to drive traffic to it. At the beginning, you might be writing all the content that you think is interesting, however, the traffic is simply not coming in at the pace you want it to be. I’d like to share my experience to those who are on the brink of giving up and those who are tempted to abandon your blog. My advice to you would be to persevere. Take some time to look at the 3 tips that I am going to share with you and find the areas that you can improve for your blog. Success will come eventually if you apply the steps below.

Step 1: Blog the SEO Way

Many bloggers seem to overlook that fact that a blog in reality is not much different from a website. Although a blog’s primary focus is to bring greater understanding to the readers of the blog writer, the SEO rules still apply when it comes to traffic generation. For your blog to become search engine friendly, please write content with keywords that are relevant to your niche. When search engines index your site and rank it highly, you will get free organic searches. One important step to remember is to make the title of each blog post search engine optimized.

Step 2: Comment on relevant blogs

Much like commenting on forums, blogs are fast becoming an information platform for people to gather and discuss. When commenting on other blogs of the same niche, leave your link on the comments for reference and it will generate traffic to your blog. It is crucial that you give quality comments as it will affect the number of traffic it brings to your blog. When it comes to blog selection, please ensure that you choose blogs that have high traffic and you will soon see an explosion of traffic when you provide a powerful comment.

Step 3: Build Relationships

Blogs are the best way to build relationship with your readers. This is because readers of blogs do not expect you to follow strict writing formats and you are free to air your feelings and opinions in your blog. It is ideal if you can build interest in your reader such that they become repeat visitors. Pictures and videos of yourself help to create interest and trust in your readers. With interest and trust in your content, other bloggers are more likely to provide a back link to your site. Having just one back link from a blogger with high traffic may very well solve all your traffic generation problems.

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