How To Find People Who Like MLM

www.DavesMLMSystem.com David Ogunnaike shows you how you can become the MLM leader, allows you to magnetic attract people into your MLM Business. Get unlimited Leads and Prospects to join you.
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  6. perrrob says:

    Here’s a useful tip: whenever someone mentions the words “Upline” or “Downline”, run away like crazy because it’s a pyramid scheme. Most MLM’s (Multi-Level Marketing) fall into this category.

    The only way to make money in a pyramid scheme is to be at the top of it, when you are recruited you are at the bottom of the food chain and they higher-ups will feed on you like crazy until you’re either bankrupt or quit. They will then call you a loser for quitting and shun you.

  7. perrrob says:

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