How to effectively use Google+ (google plus) for best results

This video will show you how to effectively and actively use Google+ (google plus) so you can benefit greatly from what it has to offer. Don’t sit around expecting social media to come to you. Learn how you can immediately take advantage of what it has to offer. Google+ is the the newest, most effective social network for marketing and community networking on the internet, completely cutting out the middleman. Don’t be late at learning how to use it effectively. Participating Google+ Users: Dangelo Feyisitan plus.google.com Paul Roustan plus.google.com Share it everywhere, to everyone you know. It’s all about building a community. The better the community, the better the results.

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  1. TamDoriot says:

    Thank you for the great video. I really liked that you shared some ideas for using Google+ better.

  2. reydermg says:

    Nice video. Thanks for doing it.

  3. cognitiveguerilla says:

    Yeah I don’t use Facebook either because it’s a train-wreck. Let’s not assume the way it is currently done is the way it should be done. Start over, redesign the UI and make it fit the use case for 90% of the users. The remaining percentages are 5% power users who will want more functionality and 5% tech tards who will never grok it no matter what you to help them.

  4. BetoTheButcher says:

    @cognitiveguerilla Yeah, kinda like my Facebook where so many people don’t use new features because they don’t know exactly how they work. You’re off.

  5. cognitiveguerilla says:

    @BetotheButcher Wrong. Why not make a product with an obvious and intuitive UI?

  6. BetoTheButcher says:

    @cognitiveguerilla Wrong. Why not view a tutorial to enhance your user experience? Reading the manual helps more often than not.

  7. cognitiveguerilla says:

    Any product that requires instructions for a general user has already failed. The use case should be self evident and the benefits self evident.

  8. myrandomspaces says:

    Awesome glad I am doing the right thing.

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