How to Create an Anchor Text Link or Clickable Link in HTML

www.prosperityinlife.com Visit the link above to learn about an exciting and profitable enterprise and gain access to unlimited web 2.0 marketing and training. Thousands of dollars worth of training and years upon years of experienced internet marketers sharing their knowledge in an effort to help anyone with the desire to learn. How to Create an Anchor Text Link or Clickable Link in HTML A brief HTML Tutorial to Create an Anchor Text Link or Clickable Link in HTML. Creating a clickable link. HTML Code for creating an anchor text link. Code for creating a clickable link in html HTML TUTORIAL Get your articles read, generate free traffic to your website, and create valuable backlinks to your website or blog by posting on the popular article sites. This tutorial teaches you the basic HTML to create a clickable link to include in your resource box when submitting an article. There are numerous article submission sites and they all vary from site to site, but the basics are very similar in how to submit your article. This is an excellent free method to create valuable content and contribute it to the internet marketing community. Interested subscribers will read your content and visit your other opportunities through the HTML link you provide to find out more. The topics and subjects to write on are limitless. Just find a subject area that you are passionate about and compose an article consisting of 400 to 800 words or three to seven paragraphs filled with good content and
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  1. alisonnpaul says:

    real simple for someone just like me very well explained thanks a lot ill give this a go

  2. jd953479 says:

    this video sucked

  3. Domo4eva says:

    Thanks :)

  4. fecki0444 says:

    Thank you!!

  5. idWitantoCom says:

    this is useful guide indeed, tq

  6. loriredstalker says:

    where do you put that?

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  9. PuR3official2 says:

    how do you do this with a picture?

  10. MREITV says:

    Thanks James, Just what we needed!

  11. pushbuttoncashsite says:

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  17. workontheweb says:

    This is a great video.

  18. NOPsites says:

    Excellent stuff. Does it work on youtube?

  19. internettopmentor says:

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  20. Darrynswife says:

    I have a word document. how would do i create a link to a page within the same document

  21. TheAtomicsoft says:

    i can make a psp portal

  22. hondal22 says:

    r those space out?

  23. MKnutz1 says:


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  25. IMVIrgin1 says:

    Very grateful James. Asimple piece of advice but hard to find on the web

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